Friday, June 13, 2014


Here, let me help you with those puppies...

Hahaha! Tricked you! Happy Friday the 13th! This post is really about

If you've been living under a rock, or have been in some sort of coma, or if you don't have Faeceboobs, then you have, up til now, been allowed to be unaware of this magnificent event. The good people (well, CevinOffKey) have (has?) been working tirelessly to put on an epic show in aid of raising funds for the Lucky Lucy Foundation, an animal welfare operation desperately in need of help as they are being evicted from their premises.

Even if it wasn't one of the most magnanimous manoeuvres ever (manoeuvre? More like a gesture...), you'd want to go! Look at that line up! If it doesn't kill you it'll make you stronger? I don't know hey! It'll probably kill you! Imagine the aural equivalent of being trampled to death by an angry mob of Mammoths and enjoying the experience. The bands on show tomorrow are contributing to this wonderful night their talent and time and should be appreciated for their effort. The impressive list of companies and individuals who have donated prizes should be heralded to the heavens.

Get ready to be rocked to your very core by the tuneful delights served up by Megalodon, With Dawn, Bulletscript, Arc Reactor and Peasant. If you can't find something in that awesome line up to get your juices flowing, you're deaf, blind, stupid or all of the above!
Not only that, you can win all sorts of paraphernalia with which to further enrich your "alternative" lifestyle.
There's even a copy of the new Terminatryx cd, 'Shadow' up for grabs!

I've done this before. Before you assume I'm looking to cash in on the great work done here, I'm not. I'm merely attempting to illustrate that I know what I'm talking about when I tell you that this is no mean feat. It is exceptionally hard work putting something like this on and I take my hat off to Kevin for the many, many hours I know he has put into this. I hope that the event itself makes your toil worthwhile. I will be there, enjoying the live music and keeping Antonio's dream of owning a small island one day alive.

So, to every bleeding heart out there in internetland who has ever posted a picture of a puppy looking for a "furever" home, to every mildly moronic maladroit who has ever shared a link of a cute kitten doing something heartwarming, to every slacktivist who has ever plastered our online walls with gruesome pictures of intolerable abuse, to every so called aficionado who ever had an opinion on anything and everything related to heavy metal music - NOW is your chance to put your money where your mouth is. Or rather where the mouths of those who can't talk for themselves are.

Bring a blanket, bring food, bring a toy, bring a friend, but most importantly, bring yourself. You deserve it. They deserve it even more!

NGDG: I gave a vagrant a pair of sunglasses yesterday. He danced, we threw gang signs at each out, I hooted as I drove off. I hope he didn't get stabbed later for having nice things.

Spread The Love. For The Puppies!

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