Wednesday, June 11, 2014


It's not often I'm sufficiently moved to dedicate an entire post to one thing, particularly if that one thing is a singular song or a music video - over before you know it - blink of an eye type stuff...
It is, however, completely in keeping with my entire being to gush like a lovestruck tweenage girl when it comes to The Sleepers. In the realms of sonic alchemy, no one comes close.
Sure, there are more raunchy, rocking or even radio friendly bands out there, but no one can do what The Sleepers do. They brew a heady mixture of meandering melancholy and explosive musical hedonism which I find impossible to resist. Everything they produce is awash with circumspect intent and critical invention, layering and tinkering until the listener is entirely enveloped, and eventually set upon a never ending wave of blistering and immense music that transcends mere mortality.

...And they have a new music video. It comes with a new song, which I believe has a few friends primed for imminent release. I was lucky enough to be invited to check out this new video over the weekend, but had to pinkie-swear not to let the cat out of the bag before they officially release it. Sitting down with what I can only assume was "artisanal" coffee and keeping my mind wide open, I settles into the video for 'Mine'.

It is, in a word, stunning. The artistic vision to bring something like this into this world can only be attributed to a moment of (or enduring) genius. It's bleak in its beauty. It's eerily engaging. A series of black and white shots meld into each other creating a dystopian, harrowing, angular landscape in which the viewer finds little comfort. You're drawn in against your will and find yourself utterly immersed and intrigued. The song itself is at once delicate and fragile, and artfully turbulent, and monumental, and the end chorus could level mountains...

There is no traditional narrative.
There is just the visual representation of the simple complexity that is The Sleepers.

And it is a masterpiece.

Spread The Love. Like Water On White Cotton.

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