Friday, June 20, 2014


Earl in his underwear. If only that was Nadine Velasquez...

Today is a Friday of opposing emotions.
On the one hand, it' FRIDAY, the end of yet another week in our eternal trudge graveward. We can throw off the yoke of our oppressors and get shitfaced. Coupled with the fact that I am on leave from 5pm, it should be reason to celebrate and dance the streets naked!
Today also marks the end of what has become an institution among the hairy heathens collectively known as the Cape Town Metalheads. And rockers. And punks. And all manner of musical miscreant. Bryan O'Pines DJs his last show on Ozone tonight. It's a sad day. Your dulcet tones will be missed floating out to us over the ether, Bryan. And that is the second best pseudonym EVER!
He'll be speaking to The Summer Underground, who are launching their 'Damage Done' album tomorrow night at Mercury. If you're into Rock'n'Roll with more balls than the World Cup, then this is just your cup of Jack Daniels. I'll be there, pinting, pissing and pushing my opinion down the throat of anyone within earshot!

And speaking of birthing raunchy sweat drenched screaming demons, The Flaming DeVilles have just released their debut EP - Once Burnt... Twice Shy. Go and give this a listen if you dare...

In keeping with the trend, Witchdoctor Productions have announced Wildernessking and Theatre Runs Red as the (very deserving) support acts for Behemoth and Konkhra when they tour South Africa later this year. I wouldn't miss that for the world!

And yes, I have been keeping up with the World Cup. Every day. I have watched almost every match and I'm still not tired. I can tell you who is though. England. They looked as if they were on the set of Lord Of The Rings shortly after Saruman blessed his mutated warriors with his white hand paint. And Spain? That was a bit of a shock...

But before I head off into the forced oblivion of holidays and being offline, I need to tell you about this friend of mine. He single-handedly organised a charity event for the animals at the Lucky Lucy Foundation - brilliantly named INFURNO - and it was a roaring success. My heartfelt congratulations and everyone's immense gratitude for such a wonderful deed and indeed, wonderful event. My report can be found on Monday at Metal4Africa.

And that's me. I'm going to be taking a few days to recharge the old batteries. In a faraway little beach resort. Alone with The Hot Girlfriend. And no TV. Luckily I believe there are pubs nearby so I don't miss any important matches. Don't miss me too much. I certainly won't miss you scruffy lot.

NGDG: The bergie in Unit 1, during trustee nominations: "Oh yes, my dears. I'm coming in this year. I'm up to here and I'm coming to cause hell." Me: "you cause enough hell already and you're in arrears on your levies so I don't second the nomination and I veto anyone who does, not that a second makes any difference to your de facto ineligibility." Bergie: "it's R1500 which I will pay tomorrow." Me: "I don't care if it's one cent and you pay it now. You're not eligible. Capice?" (Italian is always a nice touch).

Spread The Love. Oranje Boven!

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