Wednesday, June 4, 2014


"With great age, comes great responsibility..." That, despite what Chocolaty might think, is the closest I'll ever get to Spiderman. Creepy little bastard. Jizzing out of his wrists... I mean, come on!

They made me wear an inflatable crown. You know what they say... King for a day, fool for a lifetime? At least my sister didn't get around to the embarrassing slide show of pictures from my formative years. The horror! In full HD on 3 big screens probably would have sent the gathered masses hurtling back out into the pissing rain, clawing at their retinas!
As it was, my party was, in the words of Borat, a great success. The venue was amazing. I cannot thank Lisel and Kevin and Co of Mercury enough for their kindness and generosity. And speaking of, to every single one of you dear, daft and dastardly bastards that made it out to share the evening with me - my deepest and eternal gratitude. I can only imagine the temptation to stay in, faced with the full ferocity of Cape Town's winter. My Brother-In-Awe even ran home and back in the slanting storm to fetch a cable I forgot to pack so that we could have music! And what a selection of music it was!
Judging by the bruises on my shins and one or 2 pictures I've seen, apparently I had an amazing time, even breaking my self imposed rule of not dancing in public! (I dance in my kitchen all the time, while singing along to The Cure. No prying eyes...)
Shots flowed!
But I kept up!
I am starting to suspect that my friends' generosity had less to do with their collective concern for me having a good time and more to do with seeing when I'd succumb to the evils of intoxication. Well, I'm thrilled to announce that I almost didn't fall over. And I was having the best time! Even with my crown jammed upside down under my chin...
This, remember, after the night before, when the Malcoholocaust got started for real at my Brother In Awe's birthday party. It was nice seeing some old faces make a reappearance!

Needless to report that Sunday lunch with the folks was a slightly more sedate affair...

Anyway, this is really just a huge shout out to everyone who made me feel special on my birthday. It was a hell of an occasion and you all made it one I shall forever remember and cherish. Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to post a message, sms me, call me, come out in the cold and wet to celebrate with me, all the thoughtful gifts - you all mean the world to me. And getting soppy is a rite of passage at this ripe old age, so suck it.

NGDG: It is 9 o' clock and I've written the Trustee's report for the AGM (singe-handedly because the other trustees are just puppets). As Chairman Mao of the Body Corporate, I don't care much for the people. If I could set them to work in the fields I would. Instead I'll open the floor for a cosmetic 5 minutes and propose no levy increase. Then leave the real work to the agency. Just like communism.

Spread The Love. The Love Of Life!

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