Thursday, August 7, 2014


Have I ever mentioned how much I fucking hate hand-hearts?
I think they were invented so we could identify the sort of people
who make kak hashtags, but we can't see them make kak hashtags.

...a toast to the new South Africa.

We live in a country of infinite beauty, potential and inequality...

We live in a country run by a government that's hell bent on redressing the imbalance of Apartheid. By overcompensating. And only for the few.
We live in a country where some descendants of the dreaded boer are still encouraged to be raging racist homophobes, either by their raging racist homophobe parents, the rampant violent crime, or Steve Hofmeyr's barely legible tweets.
We live in a country where every single institution with the letters "S" and "A" in their acronym continue to be woefully - and in some cases, criminally - useless to the point that it drives ordinary people brimming with optimism to commit actual real homicide. Think SARS, SAA, SAMRO, SABC. The list is virtually endless.
We live in a country more consumed by the a"legged" crime of a fallen paralympian than the plight of their fellow countrymen. And a sensationalist media that is the envy of the planet with the exception of 'Murica.
We live in a country in which Noeleen and Gareth Cliff are revered as purveyors of hard hitting journalism.
We live in a country where dressing up as someone less privileged than you could land you in deep kak, and should. Where context is everything. Next fancy dress party will see me in my finest "Rollergirl" outfit and we can sit around and discuss how she was driven by intolerable circumstances to become a sex worker. Yes folks, context IS everything.
We live in a country where the people most making a mockery of our leaders are the leaders most mocked.
We live in a country in which the national anthem is being called into question because people seem to have forgotten the magnanimity of one Tata Madiba.
We live in a country where unchecked genocide through pathetic policies on AIDS were simply tolerated.
We live in a country that invented the vuvuzela and destroying cabbages at local football matches.

We also live in a country that isn't being bombed to shit.
We also live in a country blessed with incomparable wildlife, weather and destinations.
We also live in a country where traffic violations are rendered moot by an appalling loophole in the law.

Every single day in South Africa, somewhere, somehow there are people getting along, getting things done, doing their bit to enrich, enlighten and improve.

Sometimes it's not as bad as it seems. Until the next time you wake up to the maniacally upbeat assault that is Expresso.

NGDG: If you hold shares in African Bank, well, sorry for you. Down from R32 to a terminally-ill R2.60 in under a year. Fail.

Spread The Love. We Sure Could Do With Some.

[Disclaimer: if you take exception to any of this content I'd suggest you reread before venting a poorly worded retort my way. I have left out a lot of negative and positive shit. This is still a better love story than that 50 Shades kak. Perhaps returning your attention to the so-called "trial of the century" is more your pace.]


  1. I take offense to your reference to cabbages.

  2. I take offence to antonmarshall's taking offence.

  3. I take offence at not being mentioned anywhere in this blog.