Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Ok. I know I'm treading a very fucking fine line here, but I'm going to give my considered opinion on the matter anyway and ignore the devastating backlash from the intrawebnets.
Pro-Israel? Pro-Muslim? You decide, but how about taking a bit of time to think about the motivations of either before you adopt a hard line? I like the one that says "I'm a humanist" or whatever.
Both sides are balls-deep to blame. I don't care who threw the first rock all those thousands of years ago, the word "retaliation" lost its meaning in the mists of time. Both sides are operating on very fundamentalist beliefs that are NOT going to change, and if the popular conspiracy theories are to be believed, the Yewnaited States Of 'Murica is funding, and fueling, these atrocities and making a killing. And the Western media is remaining schtumm on any news detrimental to Israel's cause.
Bombing schools full of school children? Unforgivable.
Using children in schools as human shields. Despicable.
The list goes on.
I won't for one minute pretend to know much more than the dribble of truth disguised in an avalanche of bullshit fed to me on the news. But I'm not quite naive enough to believe everything I read. Friends of mine post regular pro- or anti- rhetoric and you need to be able to see it all for what it is.

It's a war. People have been fighting over this sliver of land since Moses led the chosen people through the desert with nothing more than a divining rod. War is only good for one thing and that is to engorge the coffers of whoever is supplying the weapons. Taking advantage of 2 vehemently opposed parties is a fiscal bottomless well.
Unfortunately the current bedfellows of Wall Street also happen to be one of the combatants, so they have the distinct advantage. It's hard to take seriously anyone (still crying foul over the atrocities committed against them 70 years ago) when you see their tank divisions roll up against the hardened militia of malnourished children hurling ineffective stone projectiles.
But fuck both sides. Given the capital, I'm sure Palestine wouldn't hesitate to "retaliate" in kind.
Congratulations, you two. You're the current shining example of just how inhumane we as a species have become. How low and loathsome.
You know, basing the systematic demolition of a neighbour on a few poorly translated passages from a book is a pretty shit idea. But perhaps you could have a look in that very same book for some beautiful examples of compassion. Just a thought.
For fuck's sake, even an irreverent movie like 'You don't mess with the Zohan' got the message right. Fizzy Bubblech, anyone?

NGDG: I really don't think the Ebola virus looks like a strand of pasta. This is naughty science trying to discredit the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

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