Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Now that I have your attention, perhaps I should have used this picture instead. For those of you who don't get the reference in the subject line, or what's to follow...

I'm so sick to death of everything. All forms of abuse. The never ending, futile war in Gaza. The militarisation of, and incredible brutality displayed by the police force in 'Murica. The blatant and bald faced corruption that threatens to stifle our very way of life. The frustrating ineptitude and bureaucracy of local government. The banality that strangles our way of social interaction. The apathy that chokes our daily lives. The foreign policy of America that seems to be hell bent on global domination and is left largely alone due to their influence on your adopted style. Fast food. Militant veganism. Dog fighting. Click to "like" shit. "Vote for me" shit. "Share to win" shit. The confounding stupidity that leads people to believe that any of this shit works. Even worse, if it actually does work. The world media distracting us with shiny baubles. Online activism. The incorporation of new words, no matter how clever. Slacktivism. People who jump at any opportunity to pick apart an argument they haven't taken the time to read or understand. Posting a disproportionate amount of pictures of your kids (we get it - you don't need to convince me that's the highlight of your life's achievements). People ranting in blogs. Other people who repost every single feelgood or motivational picture on God's green earth. Combative atheists. Religious zealots. Motherfuckers beheading other motherfuckers over some shit written on a scroll neither party can read. The worldwide obsession with celebrity. The trial of the century. Legal loophole that only the immensely wealthy and/or connected seem to know about. Petty jealousy. Shmushy comments by adults who deride every other form of intellectual deficiency they come across. Habitual no shows. Comments on the weather. Never having enough time. Bad personal hygiene and lack of basic manners. Even worse parenting. Even worse education. Don't get me started on the fucking SABC. If you're so hell bent on returning to nature, do it. Don't share links about it from your PC. Faux-tographers. The imploding music industry. Dwelling on missed opportunities. Racism. Sexism. People who read racism and sexism into everything. Stale jokes regurgitated by half wits. Idiots who jump from one band wagon to the next without touching ground. Senseless loss of life. Even more senseless creation of life. Comfortable suburbanites who manage to find shit to complain about when they're in the top 1%. History repeating itself. The Ukraine. The Biscuit Mall. Fundamentalists who still flog and shame rape victims. Booze prices. Petrol prices. Failure to accept the concept of "I simply can't afford that luxury". Inconsiderate drivers. People with tattoos making a huge song and dance about how unfairly they're treated. Treading on eggshells to avoid offending fucking awful people. Pseudo-intellectuals. Service delivery, or the criminal lack thereof. Basic education and the plummeting standards we so willingly seem to accept. Inside litter trays. High waisted shorts. Hipster bashing. Artisanal anything. Unchecked theft of intellectual property and the absolute lack of respect of legal copyright. The fact that I'm guilty of the last one. The daily grind...

I could go on.

Can someone please - for the love of all things holy - explain what the point of a hashtag is in today's saturated social media.

NGDG: I wish I had Vin Diesel's arms. Then his acting career would be over and we'd have at least 20 pounds of meat to donate to the SPCA.

Spread The Love. Do Something Selfless For A Change. For Someone Who Needs It. Today.

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