Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chicks and the World Cup

I love technology! Not that I understand how it works. The only thing I have managed to glean about the secret inner workings under the hood of my car are the things that have gone wrong.
I don’t care how things work, just that they work. So when Instant Messaging reared its cheeky little head and opened up a whole new world of communication, I was immediately hooked. Consider how awesome it is to chat without having to look interested or look someone in the eye... Many, many conversations have taken place over the ether, some saucy, some simply conversational, some constructive and some really, really funny. Like this last one I HAVE to tell you about.

You see I have this (very successful, charming and talented) friend…
We were comparing his love life history to the World Cup.
The South African chicks he dated were out early, but had some great shots.
The German chick’s defence was impenetrable, but was almost broken through. I almost literally pissed myself when he came up with that analogy…
Anyway, the Italian was constantly on the attack.
The Portuguese only had a short lived, but very successful campaign.
The Austrian also made a brief appearance, but was kicked out in the group stages.
And then there was the English. You know, the “one” that is usually the most hyped up. He had the following to say: Moaned too much, full of expectation, but no longevity and a lot of transfer speculation…
Well, my friend, just remember not to get caught offside with the next one, you’ll be penalized.
Ps It was FAAAAAR too easy to slip in something about “blowing” a vuvuzela, so I left it out…
pss, I also decided to leave out the "Brazilian" comment.
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