Friday, August 20, 2010

Irreverent Friday - the new plan.

If I had 5c for every time some idiot quoted (or misquoted) a cartoon series catchphrase or similar on Facebook or Twitter, I'd be a millionaire. And not the Zimbabwean kind.

Seems people have lost the ability to be original, unless they're being extremely irreverent, which is the other favourite. We don't count the 3rd category of person, the one that incessantly gives each other f*cking flowers or hearts.


Anyway, that being said, the news of the day is that one of my fellow intrepid blogger boggers is auditioning for Survivor South Africa 2010. I really hope it's being hosted on some pristine, if naturally scary, beach or piece of bushveld. Anyway, as said blogger is going to be "out of the office" (holding thumbs), I thought maybe I could blog their progress on their behalf.

Can you imagine, ANOTHER daily update/reminder/creepy stalker following thread on the sordid goings-on that happen on an episode of Survivor. What I don't understand is how engaging it is. I mean, I get the attraction of watching other people suffer (us humans are nothing if not all slightly mean), but none of these people are drinking! That's not particularly good viewing! Imagine them all drunk all the time - now that WOULD be entertaining! Especially the physically and mentally taxing challenges. They could win more booze, thereby keeping the circle going (bigger?). Smacks of old farming methods actually, probably shouldn't even mention it then...

Anyway, hope you all have an amazing weekend. Roll on beer'o'clock!

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