Friday, August 6, 2010

Irrelevent Friday

After having gone through a number of other blogs, it has become apparent that in order to become part of the blogging community, one must post at least one picture of Paris What's-her-face...
Irreverent? Irrelevent? Poh-tay-toe, poh-tah-toe...
The problem with having an actual life, as opposed to merely reading about others', is that come the end of the week you're totalled.
After a week full of fun (and some very not so fun) activities, I'm utterly knackered. I feel as if I've been stampeded by Satan's herd of bastard bovine.
Do you think that'll stop me? Not a chance...
Or more accurately, I have planned to relax and take things as chilled as humanly possible this weekend, but know that these well laid plans will all mean shit the minute an opportunity comes up for some revelry.
So, everyone. Have an awesome long weekend. And to ALL the luuuuuuurvely ladies out there, have a very happy and blessed Women's Day! Next stop, Cleavage Day!
...maybe it should have been Irevelrent Friday.
Jeesh, can you tell I'm finished?
Stick a fork in me and spread the love.

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