Friday, August 27, 2010

Irreverent Friday - the Middle Finger theory...

Well, well, well…
Another Friday. Another springboard into the weekend. Another reason to spit in the eye of convention and do what YOU want to for a change.
The nice thing about being basically cowardly is the lack of bruises. As the working week rapidly draws to its natural, beer-flavoured conclusion and fades in the rear-view mirror, it becomes easier and easier to raise that middle finger of “aggravation turned to satisfaction” and push the accelerator of “sod off you bastards”.
I am going to watch the much anticipated Anaphys launch tomorrow night at Albert Hall in the ‘Stock. Details here:
For the rest I think it’s a fair assumption that I shall valiantly be trying to block everything and everyone out with copious amounts of booze. Perhaps I should give Tequila Tart a call…

I hope you all have an absolutely fantazmagorical weekend. Irreverently so.

Spread the love - with a spade.

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