Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pub Quiz Nights - the new black!

Oh how I both love and loathe Pub Quiz Nights. The loathe part kicks in right about now with Mr Monumental Hangover and f*ckall recollection of the last part of the evening. The love part comes in whilst you’re participating, drinking and hanging out with like-minded people.
Your LMG (Live Music Guide) hosts what has very quickly become a very popular Pub Quiz Evening almost weekly. I felt obliged to enter a team of misfits and the rest is history.
It’s incredible how competitive one can become in such a situation. Although the other teams all include friends or acquaintances, I find myself slinging insults around with much gusto (obviously the booze helps a little in this regard).
We have never won. Which is unfortunate. But that’ll change. As long as there are always questions involving fish…
Anyway, back to the antics of last night. A favourite topic of discussion of mine made its way to the fore once again. Let me tell you I love my friends. The topic was how there is a disparity in the way different women view the act of fellatio. Personally I’m a big fan and can’t understand when met with any sort of resistance to the suggestion. I have always kinda assumed all women totally f*cking dig doing it. Much to my disgust I have met one or 2 that don’t. Which is a world gone topsy-turvy!
Anyway, I’ll let you imagine the rest of the conversation. And thanks to my mates and LMG for a spectacular evening.
Next week, on Monster From The Blog…

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  1. That is a much tamer version than the one you were suggesting last night! Long live tequila I say!! And pub quiz nights .. and .. ;0)

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