Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday gonna break?

I have been told on many, many occasions that I have what people lovingly refer to as 'Wednesday legs'. As in 'Wednesday gonna break?’ I happen to think having long scrawny legs rocks.
Until this morning. How fortuitous to have this happen to me on an actual Wednesday then...
I'm in agony. Played football last night and have a new found respect for shinpads. I've been taking them for granted for far too long. Not only did the opposing team kick the crap out of me, I did it to myself! I actually managed to kick my own ankle with my own studs. Now that takes some skill...

Then when I got home I found an actual Italian in the pantry - whoohoo! It's the only explanation I could possibly come up with for the delectable bolognaise I made. And I HATE cooking. Like, like, like, like vehemently. Like Donald Trump hates the hairdresser. Like Mugabe hates British Colonialists. Like everybody hates emos, including emos.
But I might just have a signature dish here. You know, to add to my ever expanding culinary arsenal of "bacon and eggs"...

Have a great Wednesday all, and the answer to the question is "they just did".

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