Friday, April 15, 2011


I freakin' LOVE boobs! My kingdom for a set to use for my exclusive entertainment! Even for a little while!

It's days like today - NATIONAL CLEAVAGE DAY - which torment and torture me with the overwhelming visual reminder that I don't get to do anything more than window shop...

Whilst I'm not complaining about the abundance of bountiful and beautiful brassiere busters on display, I lament that I cannot go home to a real set of my own...

I mean, think about the wondrous entity that is gift wrapped so enticingly in the ol' Wonderbra. Two lovely round handfuls of soft inviting pink protuberances rounded off with a nipple each... Ah, the nipple. Such a little concentration of pleasure - both for the admirer and the bearer.

I need something to make my hands stop shaking. Maybe a beer to soothe the flustered brow.

At least my buddies over the years have have filled my home with all form of boob-shaped memorabilia. I have a boob coffee mug, boob shower soap and even a set of "jiggly-juggly-squishy-stressball" boobs.

My kingdom for a real pair!

Spread the love. By the,erm, handful...

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