Friday, April 8, 2011


You can ALL let out a collective sigh of relief... It's IRREVERENT FRIDAY ! ! !

Now what could be more irreverent that posting a picture like this little gem? I mean, come on! It's taking the piss, surely... Most people I know worship SLAYER. (Yes it's always written using capitals - it's the rules.) Can you imagine the grand power a simple "redesign" like this has over the faithful fornicating masses? Reducing grown, hairy, badass metalheads to little dribbling bitches just from the sheer magnitude of the irreverence...

Either that or they'll just go out and drink their sorrows away, trying to blot out this image and get into a fight with a pint sized lady boy. Sigh... Will goths and metalheads never get along?

Well, here's hoping each and every one of you has a fantazmagorical weekend. Every time you realize just how much you're (take note, not "your") having a goooood ol' time, I want you to stop and remember this image. Or try not to think of it - even better...


Spread the love. For the Bieber tells me so...

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