Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Once again I have zippedee doodah idea why I chose this picture. Probably because today I have been saved from absolute homicidal boredom by my friends on Skype and FB chat.

I was going to call this post "LAST NIGHT A BJ SAVED MY LIFE" but that would obviously be a big fat fib.

Alright. Let's recap the last few adventure filled days for you - my dearly beloved readers.

Please be seated.

And open your prayer guides to the bit where it says Friday started out much the same as any Friday, with me raising a cold glass to your favourite deity and mine, Bacchus. A couple of beers later I found myself in the tequila dispensing kitchen of AzTart's Bike Haus and Small Person Emporium. Did I say tequila? Yup, obviously she was there...

I may have been a little mortifyingly obnoxious...

Saturday was Cricket World Cup Final day. This is a very important day and it was spent in the only way it should be. Have a mate over who is at least knowledgeable about the game and drink beer. Then braai. Man food. No salad!

Sunday I decided to test my hangover at Builder's Warehouse. I carried a metric ton of bricks from my front driveway through my house and stacked them neatly at the back of the backyard. I needed a beer after all that.

TDB came around and we made the best potjie ever made by mortal hands. I was under severe pressure to impress my folks, whom I had invited because they always bring wine. Anyway, I decided to call it "Prince Of Oranje Potjie", mainly because it had 2 orange ingredients and by that time I'd started on the wine.

In other news, 2 very good friends of mine got back together and I got to hear all the nasty ins and outs about their blossoming reunion. I'm very happy for both of you Rose Thorn!

Anyway, dear reader (on the internet, where my friends live), on that rather convoluted bombshell, tata.

Spread The Love. I'm still waiting.

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