Monday, April 18, 2011


Weekends used to be the epicentre of fun and relaxation. I am currently working on a design for a new t-shirt, which will have "Born To Be Mild" emblazoned over the front of my torso. Maybe "Old Fart" printed near the bottom of the back?

You see, the problem is I still think I can party like it's 1996. And that alcohol doesn't turn me into a tit.

Friday night saw me spend the night with a wonderful group of like minded individuals at a guest house in Kommetjie. Beautiful place right on the beach, great music, good company, and a very well stocked bar fridge. Lethal combination...

So much so that on our ill advised moonlit beach walk at some ungodly hour, I inadvertently pulled an Ingrid Jonker on myself when I misjudged the depth of the onrushing wave. Luckily the icy water provided some much needed - if a little sudden - lucidity to the picture, although that didn't last long. With beds actually unoccupied, my considerable genius opted for a kip on the wicker couch with nothing more than a small bath towel covering me.

Saturday morning was not pleasant. Especially the drive home. At least I managed a nap before the next night out, which invariably these days, involved another happy trip out to Tableau Voi. On the way to my final destination, I stopped in for my customary cuppa at the AzTart Tequila Haus and Small Person Emporium, and after some small talk was soon on my way to the House Warming. I had arranged to arrive early in order to catch the FA Cup semi final. United lost. A result which either way, face it, was going to illicit excessive drinking.

Thankfully I had my usual accomplices in attendance so when being shooed to bed at another ungodly hour, I didn't have to feel bad alone. Oh it was a glorious party! We drank. We danced. We even dipped. As in "dipped" a lady. Whilst dancing. I didn't even drop her or anything. We educated, and were educated right back, on the music front. We ate Woolworths' entire snack stock.

The next morning I once again awoke to luxurious comfort. On a bunk bed 2 feet too short for my frame... Thanks to our kind and gracious hosts.

As I was driving home I suddenly remembered the recording session I had booked for that afternoon. After some much needed postponement (for a nap) luckily that went well. Seems I am suddenly getting good at this. Not much to report further.

Hope you all thoroughly enjoy the short work week. I, like I'm sure so many others around our work besotted country, have taken the 3 days leave over the next while that result in a 10 day holiday.

Spread the love. Nutella is the new Melrose.

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