Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Well folks, Easter has once again come and gone, replete with compulsory rain et al. You know how everyone always whinges at the end of a big weekend that they now need more rest than before it...


Thursday night I had yet another awesome rehearsal for the upcoming 'Symphonaire Infernus' show happening on Saturday. After having bade farewell to the miscreants, I settled in to watch a movie or something and promptly passed out. Could have been the wine. The Hot Girlfriend was out enjoying Ladies Night with the girls and eventually came donnering on the outside gates of the house, Baglett-style, at 1:30 in the morning. Commence 'Operation Snuggle'. A good start to the weekend, I daresay...

Good Friday. Yes it was! Decoding the Bo Kaap with Tarty Farty Tequila Party was an adventure in itself. Having been booked to join her on one of her many restaurant reviews, unfortunately due to very sad circumstances it had to be postponed. But never fear, the intrepid duo that is us decided to go and explore. What a wonderful treasure trove of hidden little eateries and fun surprises. Will most certainly organise a 'field trip' for the friends soon. We ended up ordering stuff like samoosas, veggie bites, chilli bites and steak'n'chip sandwiches over a counter and sitting on some ancient steps overlooking the City Bowl - enjoying a very authentic Bo Kaap lunch and experience after all. Thanks Tarty!

Friday night I was left to my own devices so I slept in front of the telly. Could have been the wine.

Saturday morning I woke up, had a bleary peek out the window and a good chuckle in bed thinking of all the poor sods doing the 2 Oceans Canoe Marathon. Sans canoes.

Then it was time for Bandcamp. Bandcamp was an operation similar to the Normandy Landing. My entire studio was dismantled and, along with 4 car loads of gear, taken to a lovely large house and set up for a dress rehearsal. Let's just say by the time we were ready to rock out, some party people were a little worse for wear. Good times! Good party!

After picking my way through the remnants of Armageddon, and with the capable help of "Mein Sohn" I managed to get the entire set up once again back to my house. Then off to Sunday Lunch with the Tribe Called Dachshund and their owners. Civilised? Strangely so, except for the multiple shots of tequila that happen to be obligatory with a Sunday Roast. I mean, duh! The party was such a success, that Tarty Fart Tequila Party went straight back after we dropped her off on the way home and only left the next morning...

Sunday evening heralded the very unexpected Chess Lessons and prezzie time with Aunty Nexus. Jo'burg peeps, she is moving up to your neck of the woods - I'll send you details.

As if all that wasn't enough, Monday involved many different forms of traipsing. And chilling...

We drove out to Tableau Voi (in a mock reversal of Saturday Morning Biscuit Mall exodus) and checked out the route for our animal welfare charity run, Tutus 'n' Tiaras. If you can't make it, your money is still welcome. Then we ventured into Canal Walk - just in time to witness entire extended families of ice cream wielding manatees waddle their ungainly waddle of freshly scrubbed shame. They all look like the humans in "Wall-e".

Speaking of Tarty Farty Tequila Party, she and some of the other ladies are off to try their arm at securing the interest of a manly man at 'Roping a Lumberjack' day. I can just see the conversation now.

"Hey, I just saw a lumberjack!"

"I'm happy to see so many manly beards, I always thought they were a bunch of chops."
"Do you think they use Axe Deodorant?"

"Don't know, think I'll go and find out..."
"Excuse me you beautiful bearded hunka-hunka man luuurve.... Do you mind if I sniff your chest? It's for scientific purposes, I promise..."

Personally I think that you should stay away from large men that wear exclusively plaid and dungarees and who are never to be found without their chainsaws...

NGDG: "I feel a bit like Mugabe - I don't know whether I'm ill or still on holiday."

Spread The Love. Boobs. Boobs Are A Good Place To Start.

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