Thursday, April 12, 2012


So you thought you were going to get off lightly. Or just get off. (Wait until you're at home at least... sjoe! And then at least be discreet...)

Oh no!

Over the past couple of weeks - in order to create an awareness and a buzz of excitement about our gloriously anticipated Doom Metal classics performance, the highly acclaimed (by Monday) 'Symphonaire Infernus', I have been posting a series of cryptic clues that give away the "song and band" for each track we're performing. So far not a soul has managed to figure one of the 8 clues out yet. I don't really think they're that hard. They're more like... nipples on a sweaty summer afternoon. There, but not very hard. Unless there is nefarious activity afoot, which I don't suspect to be the case.

So here, without too much further ado, are the clues to the setlist for Saturday night. Go on! Give 'em a go!

  1. She's not going to make it - leave her 2 coins for her final crossing.

  2. It's usually because of all the Shakespearean actors drinking too much.

  3. There's an oil refinery in this forest that's using up all the Earth's natural energy.

  4. An unusual clergyman spreading the good news everywhere.

  5. A celestial curse for insomniacs.

  6. Plug in the magical man to preside over the ceremonial death of a city.

  7. Miss Congeniality got married before shuffling loose this mortal coil.

  8. Our President is bleeding.

And there you have it. Easy, no?

In other news, I didn't have band practice last night. I know, shocking!

It did however, afford me an opportunity to have drinks with Up Side Down Girl, even if it was a very brief visit.

Does anyone know the Wimpy advert's theme tune? Huh? It goes a little something like this: "I'M SO EXCITED! AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT! I'M ABOUT TO LOSE CONTROL AND I THINK I LIKE IT!"

It may have been a hit song somewhere before all this Wimpy hoo-hah, but it (almost) adequately conveys my pants-party as we near the event of events. Fetish. Mercury. It's been far too long. There will be trouser accidents. See you motherbitches there tomorrow night...

I know someone else who is going to be there...

Shannon Hope. If she was on The Voice, the 4 idiots running the thing would be the ones taking lessons and being sent home. Oh, if only...

If you're good boys and girls I'll let you in on a little secret. Shhh...

She's playing a show. Just for you. And you. And you. You want the details? Ok, but only because you're special. Here.

NGDG: "Does Facebook China have a Rike button?"

Spread The Love. Get A Clue.

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