Monday, April 23, 2012


The stand out event of the weekend, other than the hipster metal show I found myself at on Friday night, was undoubtedly the Tutus 'n' Tiaras fundraiser we held for TEARS. A good bunch of people pitched up in a fantastic variety of tutus, and of course, tiaras. Variations on the theme abounded, some even incorporating birthday cake hats, veils and corsets into their ensembles. Of course there's always one guy that has to be different - and if we'd had a 'Donkey's Arse' prize, he'd have won hands down if he wasn't also one of the organisers...
The weather was nice 'n' fresh and misty - perfect for our saunter down to the Banned Rock Lounge and after some final checks, it was Ready, Steady, Go! The eventual winner and I streaked away ahead of the competition and ended in a very acceptable time, the Hot Girlfriend came in 3rd and Rose Thorn came steaming in in a very surprising fourth. "My biene pyn!"

In drips and drabs, the glittered masses made it to the finish line and claimed their victory drinks courtesy of the very generous Banned Rock Lounge, although some of the entrants felt the need for some extra "alcoholic motivation" half way already... They even provided a clean, spacious backstage room for the gorgeous Black Orchid Beasties to prepare for their burlesque show. I obviously took the opportunity to lock myself in the room at some stage - no one bothering to tell me it didn't open from the inside - with Slappy and a very large cheque from Standard Bank. In a heroic homage to the reflighting of McGuyver on SABC, I managed to free us using a teaspoon, The Dean doing his best to rally the crowds into a sustained drinking frenzy and not answering his cell...

Prize time! That was fun. I now have the dubious honour of presenting my sister with a set of nipple-caps... Well done to everyone who won something and a tremendously big THANK YOU to everyone that contributed:

Think Bike Marshalls - uber professional and brilliantly ensured the safety of every single participant.
Similarly, our front and back car marshalls - The Brother-In-Awe and Justin Wood.
Banned Rock Lounge - Nicola and Rudi - thank you so much for your incredibly kind and generous involvement - thanks for having us - we'll definitely come back!
Partners Hair Design and Standard Bank.
And then to the gorgeous girls from Black Orchid - not only did you add glamour and glitz to the event by walking along with us in your wonderful outfits, but thanks so much for providing us with all those prizes and a great show from the awesome Sue Cubus!

Funny how FaeceBoobs has the uncanny knack of making people "attend" something they have no intention of going to...
Seriously, what's the point? If you aren't going, click on the "decline" button. That's what it's there for. Rather set organisers up for a pleasant surprise than immediately have yourself labelled as unreliable. What could you possibly gain from doing it this way?

Anyway, we made a bit of money for TEARS and everyone that took part had a whale of a time, by all accounts. Next year will be bigger and better. You can take that to the bank!

NGDG: "I was just asked by a Metro cop where The Pro Shop is in Woodmead. I told him it closed down. He shouldn't be playing golf."

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  1. Oi, you're not supposed to be surprised at the 4th position - no-one else was running! hahahaha, besides, I've been getting fit all year!