Friday, January 31, 2014


The internet was invented so that nerds could whack off in the privacy of their own little cyberworlds in peace. It was also intended to become an all-encompassing vehicle of communication used for benevolent and worthwhile endeavours. Instead it was hijacked by so-called "stars" who have used it to ruin the music industry. Now we're all forced to whore ourselves on the information superhighway for the meager scraps of attention and adulation left over.

I'm playing a gig tomorrow! I'm playing a gig tomorrow! I'm playing a gig tomorrow!
I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I might wee!

You see, dear reader, I still do this music thing for the love of it. (Read: realised I was too crap to do it seriously but not crap enough for people to call my bluff, and then basically gave up on my dreams of being the one to beat the odds...) I still genuinely enjoy assaulting other peoples' senses. I LOVE being on stage, and since I am no good at dodging rotten vegetable projectiles in a comedy club, I've stuck with the guitar.

So if you want to know what all the fuss is about. Or even if all my time, effort and determined commitment is worth it. Or maybe you actually enjoy awesome live festivals with loud, kick-arse music, and even louder, kick-arse people having a great time, perhaps you should mozy on over to Summerfest'14 tomorrow. 9 of Cape Town's top metal bands will be "presenting their art" and it promises to be a wonderfully hedonistic melting pot of blood, sweat and beers. So come one, come all! You can rub shoulders with Wildernessking, who are going to tour Germany this year, or wag chins with Adorned In Ash, all the way from Joburg, launching their stellar new CD. Arc Reactor will blow you away and the lads from Sindulgence will tear you a new one good and proper. More than ably accompanied by Thread Of Omen, Rukuz, Beeldenstorm and Nebula Disrupt, you are guaranteed a night you won't forget! Unless, like me, you're a bit too fond of the sauce. But, wait! That's not all...

If you call now. Well, go tomorrow...

You'll get a chance to see SUBVERS! Live! On stage! We promise it'll be something special. If you haven't yet, go and grab an earful of our online demo 'Flatline'...

See, the internet is actually for shameless self promotion! My mom would definitely chime in, because she wants the whole world to know how amazing I am, but she is still afraid of computers...

NGDG: I AM ON LEAVE. I shall be drinking beer in the sun and looking at the brush for an animal retarded enough to show itself in daylight. I may also check in occasionally to monitor any potentially libelous fabrications posted in my absence.

Spread The Love. It's Called The SHOCKER!

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