Friday, January 30, 2015


Fokkit, local metal is lekker! It's a great time to be associated with a burgeoning scene, albeit that I still defy the odds and refuse to consider myself a metalhead. But what do I know?

Tomorrow is the bi-annual celebration of all things metal - brought to you by the hard working and devilishly handsome folks of Metal4Africa... yup it's time to get all juvenile delinquent because it's Summerfest '15! This year's line up includes stalwarts Agro, travelling down from Joburg as co-headliners alongside Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, who have a new album out, and The Warinsane, who are simply going to kill you dead. Stylishly...
The list of wonderful new talent and some more established acts gracing the stage on the day reads as follows:
All Guns Full Ammo, Atlantic South, Stellitius, Fallen Prophets, Zero Stroke, and saving the best for last...
ILL SYSTEM. Well, not last. They're on at 8'o'clock, but I wanted to say a bit more about them, as this show heralds their return to the live arena - and a LOT of people are poeping themselves with excitement! They even have a new bassist. (He's a beast!)
The band has been on hiatus since 2007 and, due to popular demand, have decided to get back together again. After a once off reunion gig late last year, which garnered an overwhelming show of support, it was decided to reform (the band, not their ways) and they immediately started planning for this year. Among a few other big shows planned for 2015, they are opening for Protest The Hero in May. There's even talk of a new recording.

So if you're wondering what all the fuss is about, I strongly suggest you mozy your lazy arse towards Klein Libertas Theatre tomorrow and let the merrils wash away your woes. I'll be causing kak at the back of the party bus, so expect a loud announcement of my arrival, much to The Hot Girlfriend's embarrassment. She'll be trying to keep me from passing out on the dancefloor or punching people I shouldn't be punching. I'm keeping her.

And if that isn't enough to blow up your skirt, then check out Volume 1 - Secret Ceremonies, a split album featuring 6 of SA's most forward thinking underground metal bands. That is of course, if you've the minerals...

We really ARE spoiled!

Apparently the weather report calls for Hawaiian shirts, so if you see what looks like a Barbie head stuck on a broom lurching around resembling Don Ho, don't get beer up your nose, just get me another beer. Oh ja, there's even a free sampler you can download and listen to featuring every band on the bill. Do it! And then say thank you.

AND... this just in, Junkyard Lipstick have just announced TWO new members. For more info on Jo and Robyn, click the press release from The Metalist.

Ok, so enough of the good news. Let's contemplate SASOL's involvement in how poorly ESKOM is performing. Think about it, where do candles come from? And paraffin?

See your ugly mugs tomorrow!

Spread The Love, But For Fuck's Sake Leave Out That Dreadful Wrist Clasping Nonsense.

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