Thursday, January 29, 2015


And now the inevitable review of what turned out to be a spectacular evening's entertainment - for both the audience and the musicians. As we saw the last of Anton MF Marshall in his capacity as a live performer, he - as is his style - went out with an almighty bang!

Once again assembling a cast of local stars, he put together another superlative show: his song selection always well beyond expectation and belief. Not only the live song selection, but the videos chosen to be projected on the big screen before, between and after the sets, which perfectly complimented the theme of the evening. Speaking of big screens, you know you've made it when a large image of you pops up every few seconds mixed in among the real luminaries of the local music world.

Cami Scoundrel's cheeky Hit The Road Jack got us under way and set the tone for the night. Another flawless and fucking sensational performance by Marisa Salvarto was followed by a debut on stage for Sam Brighton and she had all eyes and ears absolutely riveted too. Enter MISTER Farrell Adams (of Nine fame among others), who proceeded to show us what true class and experience looks and sounds like, a firm favourite of the night was his rendition of Macy Gray's I Try.

If you need context you should probably pay more attention to this here little virtual soapbox. SONGS WE MADE FAMOUS - IT'S A BLACK THING. A celebration of music created by non-white musicians, a tribute to pioneers who affected the industry as a whole. Everything from the classic strains of Ray Charles and Chuck Berry to the blues grafted twang of Kravitz to the visceral vitriol spat out by IceT in Body Count.

It was however the very surprising appearance of one Andy Lund which had the crowd in various stages of rapture, undress, tears and stunned awe. Very casually sliding into Prince's iconic anthem Purple Rain, the audience was treated to what I can only describe as one of the most inspiring and beautiful performances I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.

Not easy to follow that, but on strode the Sleepers duo of  Nic Roos and Daniel Botha and - undaunted - powered through a couple of sexy, groovy Lenny Kravitz numbers, shaking the crowd from their reverie.

And after all that I was expected to help bring the curtain down on Anton's illustrious live career with some delightfully rambunctious "black metal" previously banned the world over. A few nerves then, considering the pedigree on display before, but Nic Roos, Cami Scoundrel and the inimitable Art Pereira were on hand to blast the living fuck out of the final volley - a salute to Anton and all he has achieved and also done for the industry. He came out spitting venom. It was certainly one HELL of a way to go out! And a particularly poignant if not subtle note on which to make a rather dramatic exit... the most fun you can have with your clothes on, Body Count motherfuckers!

And as usual, these shows would not be possible were it not for the selfless service of Stuart Scott and Damian Stazz - you guys rock!

Anyway, bittersweet(ly) belligerent, Anton left the stage for what he believes to be the last time. So long and thank you for the fish, my friend. I for one sincerely hope that a come back is not completely off the cards.

Spread The Love. Also, The Compral Please...

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