Friday, January 23, 2015


You know how everyone and their mother has taken to posting these ever-so-erudite comparisons of Earth vs Neighbouring Planets vs Galaxy vs The Ever Expanding Universe? The ones which are meant to belittle your problems, but only serve to absolve you of any responsibility, motivation or the will to continue...
I vote get up off your lazy, entitled arse and do something that makes a difference to someone even more insignificant than your oh-so-insignificant self. If you're in a position to make even the slightest difference - any improvement - to the plight of countless souls on this tiny speck of a planet, then your life is important and what you do with it happens to matter a whole fucking bunch.
I'm not even going to bother listing the things you can do - they're as obvious as the conk on my face. Stop attempting to prove that you paid attention in class and that you're not simply reposting something that makes you look like you understand half of Big Bang Theory's banter. And no, reposting does not a good deed make either. Go out into the world and do something selfless for someone or something. Don't "pay it forward", that's a very selfish take on so-called karma. Don't donate simply to experience the gratitude, humility and respect of those who receive. If you can, do so quietly. And never forget that were circumstances any different, that could be you.

Sorry, I forgot it's Friday and your most pressing engagement is getting through the day so you can convene and talk kak over Mojitos at whichever bar is currently trending.

Actually, it just came to me this morning after a conversation I had with my local bin inspector. He actually asked - ever so politely - if I wouldn't mind if he took a look to see if I'd thrown away anything worthwhile. Almost made me feel bad for recycling.

So, on to things less dire on this Friday then, eh? It's a beautiful day in the Mother City - now virtually tourist free. Thankfully. Don't get me wrong, I'm not xenophobic. I'm merely averse to sharing. Xenophobia is reserved for gatvol residents of Soweto who should be venting their frustrations out on a government paralysed by inability and no regard for its constituents. Ubuntu being African and all, you just have to be the right kind of African. I realise I speak from a decidedly advantaged point of view, but it's from such distance that policies are made, and our policy makers are making hay instead. And I'm afraid they won't be aware of the approaching dusk before it's too late. Eskom jokes aside...

Perhaps we need another sporting event to gloss over our social inequalities. Can Bafana make us believe? Tonight is do or die. It all comes together with a Castle, eh...

For Fuck's Sake. Spread The Love.

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