Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Ah yes, mein flock. Back to the bullshit of real life...
The tourists have been sent packing and the Vaalies have all left a wake of demolition and damage in their rear view mirrors as they are forced to once more retreat back North so they can spend every waking moment making money to return and assault us with their presence and their accents. And send their darling little mall screamers back to school. Which is, by all accounts, cool.

Awesome. We have our paradise back to ourselves. And not a minute too soon say I!

At least my guests cracked the nod as approved visitors, having (mostly) previously been residents. And of course, Boude, the man, who spent his entire holiday dealing with the overwhelming argument the Western Cape was making for him becoming a naturalised resident. Sooner rather than later, mate... We weddinged, we wine-farmed, we braaied, we beached, we potjied, we pissed it up...
And a bunch of other stuff. Like the rest of you, I am now officially broker than Pookie in New Jack City. Did I mention Jack? Coolest little lad in the multiverse?

Oh - and we had SOME musical discussions as well! The Raging Romanian and I spent many happy hours picking apart the various virtues of so many bands, all of which were somewhat clouded by the fact that he spent his last birthday getting pissed with one Gregor MacIntosh. I suppose there is an upside to spending all your time in an underground metal tube or drudging through the dull dreariness that describes London.

And now that everyone has rubbed the crusty sleep from their eyes and settled back into a routine, what is everyone up to? Or is it directly back to the daily grind? Luckily my daily grind still involved some fun activities. Football, band and the occasional tipple...

Just so you have no excuse - or to ensure that you have more than enough time to think up a plausible one - here is an exciting list of upcoming shows you do not want to miss:

SUBVERS will be joining the formidable BULLETSCRIPT, THE WARINSANE and WITH DAWN for a seriously seismic show - PREMONITIONS - on 28th of February at Mercury. Be there. Bring clean pants.
But before that, you will have the opportunity to see the latest in Anton Marshall's notable list of tribute shows, the next one being SONGS WE MADE FAMOUS - IT'S A BLACK THING, in which we pay homage to some of the iconic contributors to modern music who happened to be non-white. It will thrill you, then, to hear that this white boy (along with a bunch of other whiteys) will be performing the shit out of a few Body Count songs. Can you imagine... But that's not all, folks! Step right up for Kravitz, Chuck Berry, Hendrix, Thin Lizzy and many more!
Also, it's that time of year again when every single metalhead (and those of us with partners too) converge on Klein Libertas Theatre to celebrate the best in local live metal. Yup! It's Summerfest '15, brought to you once again by the good folks of Metal4Africa! I'll be on the bus ringleading a riot.
Oh yes, and then I'll be spinning some tunes at the PARTY IN BLACK - THE RED EDITION alongside some truly celebrated names! Pull in and prepare to have your tekkie squeaked!

There's so much more I could, and probably should, tell you. But the time has come for me to find a picture with which to entice you into reading this nonsense. I don't know what it is yet, but I'm assuming it worked if you're here. [Print this blog post out, eat it, deny its existence.] You'll find the heading might go with the picture.

Spread The Love. Where In The World Is Neal?

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