Thursday, January 15, 2015


Last night was hot. It was as hot as hell. In fact, it was hotter. Hotter than a particularly errant whore sweating on a front row pew with an arse full of Columbia's finest export. The rehearsal rooms we frequent are very well insulated. They keep the sound in and the cool out. We have to make do with a rather more figurative "cool". Not unlike the poor boy who was given no toys for Christmas, but figured out he could play with himself instead...

But that's not the hot to which I refer. I'm talking fever hot. As in everybody's got the fever...

After a rather unfortunate transport arrangement shambles, we managed to walk into a steaming Mercury as Anton Marshall was announcing the beginning of his latest SONGS WE MADE FAMOUS - THE ELVIS EDITION. First up, fronting the ever impressive Allstar Band of Marshall, Scott & Muller, was KC Royal, of Ratrod Rats fame. Joining this scruffy bunch on harmonica was Zoltan (you may don the bubble wrap and make the sign) as they swaggered their way sublimely through a variety of The King's hits. Then it was the turn of Tony Shine to take the mic, but not before completing his civic duty at the bar and keeping the venue afloat. Now THIS man has style. He also has the pelvic punctuation perfect for any Presley performance. [*I swear to you that wasn't on purpose...]

Intermission... and a chance to tear my eyes from the stage to see that the place had filled up nicely. Getting in another round of beverages, and spying Anton making his way to the mic, no one was prepared for what happened next. Look, I know the man can sing. And play guitar. And bass. And drums. And keyboard. He's no slouch with the written word either. And I know I have been accused of less than subtle sycophancy in one or 2 reviews, but FUCK ME! The velvet crooning floating from this man's lips dropped jaws and soothed the world's ills simultaneously - as he gave possibly one of the most moving and mesmerising performances I've had the pleasure of seeing recently. I'd put it right up there with some of the best by Shannon Hope and Lucy Kruger. Ok, they weren't his songs, but his delivery was nothing short of divine. I stood enraptured - not something that happens too easily.

Shaking us from our collective reverie, the male contingent of The Flaming DeVilles, along with Scott and Muller, shook, rattled and rolled the shit out of us! I can't remember exactly who all did which number on the night, but their rousing version of Hound Dog was a definite highlight. Not to be outdone, and much to everyone's delight, Daniel Fernandes finished off proceedings with a typically energetic and brilliant flourish.

I hope I haven't left anyone out. I was a bit dronk.

Thang ya! Thag ya verr musch...

Spread The Love. Me. Tender.

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