Monday, July 25, 2011


Wow! I know my previous post was all about how kak everything is and how absurdly abysmal humanity is, but I was truly awed and humbled on the weekend. The support that was shown by my friends and family for the run I did on Saturday was overwhelming. Thank you everyone that pitched up to cheer, jeer and laugh, everyone that sent their messages of support, all those who have already made such magnanimous and generous contributions, and especially my crew. Mega thanks to Az and James for riding marshall, my dad for accompanying me on the bike, my sister and Brother-In-Awe for the support van and "playlist of torture", Tarty for video taping the whole thing and especially my mate, BFF (Bruce Fucking Fordyce - hehehehe) for running alongside and encouraging me in the FUCKING headwind from hell and for the help with the training. My immense gratitude to you all.

I shall refrain from describing the suffering...

Actually it has been decided to turn this fiasco of flailing limbs into an annual event in support of animal welfare. So this is fair warning. Get into shape and be prepared to run/walk/crawl for 6km for a good cause. EVERYONE is invited to what is being dubbed the "Tutus 'n' Tiaras" run. Will keep you posted...

More news from the rest of the weekend later, but first...

...NGDG: "I will not abide the tyranny of Monday. Not while there is still beer, and Iron Maiden on DVD. Thanks to @Gordon Craig Smith for lending me Live After Death when we were 10. And to the kids who called it satanic trash, well, you're not here so it doesn't matter what I say to you. Choice words though. Choice."

Spread The Love. If You Haven't Already.

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