Thursday, July 7, 2011


So why does the dreaded FaceBoobs not have an option in the field above for simply"currently between miseries"?

*Disclaimer: This obviously DOES not refer to any past girlfriends I've had or (upon reading this retrospectively Sweetie), you either...

So given my rather obviously dim view on the subject at this juncture, it has occurred to me that the opposite should necessarily be true for this "between" time period. Making hay and all that. The problem is that this magical "making hay" used to be anticipated and welcomed with the same amount of glee usually reserved for a meeting between a fat kid and a cupcake. Not so much anymore. I have fallen over to the dark side. It's not my fault. They advertised cookies.

Far more interestingly, the music is going incredibly well. TDB and Rose Thorn have, along with yours truly, almost managed to manufacture a new sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-genre of music and it's sounding delicious.

The other lot are literally blazing! Must be the constant practicing so that the old people can one day look good. But let me tell you... if there was a market for 3 okes that REALLY play guitar and bass well together, then we'd be golden. But for now it's still a secret...

Oh, and then there's the currently active band. Pretty fucking sweet! Can't wait to bestride the stage one day again. And not fall over. The day, she is looming. It'll be like the end of my "currently between miseries" relationship status. Which is obviously the only reason I even bother with music. To quote Jason Lee (who should always be quoted, btw) in the movie Almost Famous "And the chicks are great!"

Alteratively you can go and find a great little book called A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis.It explains much of what I would like to have written in this post. If only there was a book that highlighted the utter disgrace that is the current form of humanity and its vulgar obsession with all the sordid details of every negative aspect of other peoples' lives.

Can't wait to be sent to an old age home one day. You know, when the cycle of life reaches it's virtual completion and your biggest worry is not shitting your pants before dinner.

NGDG: "You know how you avoid a band on principle because someone awful raves about them? And then sound behind the times when you start enjoying them? If yes, then I say to you: know what? Anachronism is a small price to pay for vengence."

Spread The Love. And Wash Your Hands Before Dinner.

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