Tuesday, July 5, 2011


What, indeed! Is going on?

The world has gone to hell in a handbasket. (Funnily enough the moniker a friend of mine uses when commenting on her tortures.)

Up is down and left is right. Not in the political sense, where the middle ground between incompetence and khorrupshen is trod most diligently, but in a more general universal hippy butterfly-effect way.

Like... I have not been fitter in years and suddenly I am being beset by the lurgy. After smiling smugly to myself while everyone else was dropping like flies and I was bounding about the mountain with reckless abandon and severe lung cramp. Btw, Commander Punishment has been demoted a few ranks.

I was actually too busy yesterday for my daily ramble/rant. Can you imagine what this has done to my state of mental health? Or lack thereof...

Where do I even start. My weekend is easily summed up as follows:
Friday braaied with one of the bands and had awesome time.
Saturday's 3 Chord Theory reunion/farewell gig was an absolute riot. Many old faces. Even more older faces. A couple of faces I'd forgotten. The band gave a stellar performance between bouts of Alzheimer's induced "Ooops, let's start again." Nah, just kidding, they actually made the floor bounce as the throng of crazy bodies in front of them heaved and swirled in debaucherous delight. No one threw anything at Warpig, much to my disappointment. Well done you bunch of old geezers! Oi! Oi! Oi!!!
And btw, great venue. The Jolly Roger in Plumstead is a rad live venue/bar on the Main Rd and has everything a band could wish for. Go check it out if you need a new place to rock out and have a great time. Do it. You know you want to.

Sunday I did some light DIY work at Tarty's and afterwards a whole bunch of us ate her out of house and home as we demolished the awesome Sunday Chicken Roast. Thanks Tarty!

And then back to the grindstone. Bollocks.

At least tonight we get to celebrate the eventual inevitable conclusion of Team Burger King's rise to triumph at the weekly LMG Pub Quiz - the most fun you can have with her clothes on!
Oh, btw, congrats on an awesome issue LMG, truly a shining light in the dark, dreary Parlotoneless music scene. Inspired! Exceptional! Great cover art! Fantastic articles! Can you believe it's for free? What? You didn't know? Go and get yours now!

NGDG: "The longest Monday since the Monday they first turned back the clocks at Greenwich and turned them back so far they fell over the wall into Sunday and they had to wait for someone to bring a ladder, which took forever because people with ladders don't work on Sundays."

Spread The Love. Not The Lurgy. [Have I Used That One Already?]


  1. The exact same thing happened to me about a month into the fitness regime. I was avoiding being ill like, well, the plague and successfully so.

    It's possibly your body working out the toxins or something. Though if that were the case I'd expect you'd sweat beer?

  2. and then he'd be licking himself constantly

  3. Or he could arrange to have it filtered into catchment pockets, like a stillsuit a la Dune?