Monday, July 25, 2011


As alluded to earlier, this weekend had for more to it than me making an arse of myself in a windswept tutu...

There was much debauchery at a 21st in Kommetjie on Saturday night. And I didn't even say "I'm too old for this shit" once! (In my best Danny Glover voice.)

What I am referring to is the truly musically memorable evening I experienced on Friday night. Fresh from her acclaimed participation at the recent Grahamstown National Arts Festival, I once again had the rare pleasure of watching Shannon Hope perform her collection of incredible songs. This pint-sized pixie with the voice of a goddess and a truly magical musical ability put on another stellar show at the little known Alma Cafe in Rosebank, Cape Town. She is a solo performer, playing the piano and singing her way through a stunning repertoire of material which is heartfelt, hurt, honest and, erm, full of hope...

Her songs soar as she manages to create crashing crescendos of serene power and sincere poise interwoven with moments of sublime subtlety and aching introspection. But it's not all solemn and serious, as she laces her set of beautifully written songs with moments of sly, quirky, even impish humour that complete and complement the entire poignant performance.

The audience sat literally in rapture and was enthralled throughout this virtuoso performance - as engaging, enigmatic and enjoyable as you're likely to see.

Catch her at her next show on the Cape Town leg of her national tour at the Octopus' Garden Restaurant & Wine Bar in Muizenberg this Friday.

Phew. Now that I have that off my chest, I also do a little writing for the wonderful online publication that is Voice Of Rock. Here is my latest album review.

NGDG: "I will, one day, have in my house, and cordoned off from the children, a fountain of wine. Oh yes."

Spread The Love. THIS IS MY 100TH POST ! ! ! And You HAVE To Take My Opining Above Seriously As I Am A Certified (Certifiable) Music Connoisseur!

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  1. Good review. My thoughts exactly. No gods, no masters is the runaway anthem, and there are some blistering things there, but it's nothing groundbreaking - as you say collection of awesome riffs, but didn't translate into great songs. I still enjoy a listen though, nothing like the Amott brothers making their guitars sing with Daniel Erlandsson providing that drive.