Friday, July 1, 2011


"Splendid..." he thought. About the day off...

Then work went mental. Fuck.

Today is the first day this week I am not going to inflict torture of Spanish Inquisition magnitude upon myself. Instead I am going to take it easy and dive nose first into the case of beer I just bought as soon as I get home. I also fancy a braai tonight, the weather being all rad as it currently is. Sucks living here, I tell you.

Last night's cyclic calamity of limbs went alright. Managed the laps without stopping, but I was huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf...

... seems I have my fairytales mixed up a little. I wonder if Little Red Riding Hood was bringing pork sammitches to her dear old Grammy.

Tomorrow is the end of an era. If by era you understand "nostalgic pangs for a select few who have been unfortunate enough to know The Warpig and his band". 3 Chord Theory is re-uniting to perform one last show, guitars strapped to zimmer frames et al. It's going to be an early evening to savour. I'm going, car wrecks are always entertaining.

Just kidding. I am going, but because I like the band, the personnel and I want my zimmer frame signed. Plus there will more than likely be beer...

So if you like your "punk" to be "in drublic" join myself and the hordes - details here.

Sunday I do some DIY at Tarty's.

Monday I blog about drilling my thumb accidentally.

NGDG: "There was a little engine that could, called Thomas I think; then there was the little engine that wouldn't, called Bureaucracy."

Spread The Love. Like Braai Sauce. Snick! Gaaaauuummmpppphhh!


  1. You failed to mention that after DIY at Tarty's you are being treated to lunch. So best you don't drill your thumb accidentally.. It could make eating roast chicken difficult. Looking forward to gig, I will bring my walking stick...

  2. Hahahahahaha! Snick! Gaaaauuummmpppphhh!