Monday, July 18, 2011

A THREE POINT STAR... essentially a triangle.

As you may have guessed I have been away from the intrawebs for a few days. Those of you strong willed enough to have resisted suicide while I was away and not filling your life with sunshine and salacious suggestions will be glad to know I am now back to fulfilling my online duties.

Which reminds me, I have a ton of stuff to catch up on...

First news: I managed virtually an entire 6km on Saturday in the blazing heat (don't get me started on winter in Cape Town). With my shirt off no less. Ok, I almost died of heat stroke and dehydration, but managed to get there in the end. Roll on this coming Saturday!

So after that it was off to the much anticipated Biggie Bash Birthday Extravaganza. By the time I got there most of the guests had been drinking something called Kung Fu Wine for roughly 5 hours and I was attacked by Half Pint (one of my co-conspirators in Axxon) to the point of almost being knocked down. Deciding it was a good idea to try and catch up to everyone else, I gleefully set about emptying the contents of my cooler box. Add to the mix a healthy dose of Metal, Ironic Pop Music, Band Star, empty jacuzzis, flailing hair, sticky floors and "good natured fun" and you get a night of total fucking lunacy capped off by sleeping in a strange house sans booze drenched pants. Then being woken up and being presented with the wonderful opportunity to change someone's tyre, that someone having displayed infinite genius in his attempts to mount the pavement at 90km/h going the wrong direction on the M3 blitzed out of his skull... Ah you have to love the cliched rock n roll lifestyle.

This resulted in a particularly fetching array of rubber ribbons hanging off the wheel rim. Unfortunately the picture I took is still on someone's camera, and has an inexplicable bag of prunes next to it...

Yesterday was spent in bed avoiding life and narrowly avoiding death.

I am still kinda finding my bearings as the hangover was too big for one day.

NGDG: "Loller: n. (16th Century) heretic who doubted the veracity of the Eucharist. Burnt at the stake."

Spread The Love. Just Be Careful With Whom.

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