Friday, July 8, 2011


Blah blah blah blah.
Perhaps not the best way to start a blog post. Winding you up with a sense of palpable excitement and anticipation. What is he going to throw at us today? What weird, wacky, wonderful hunk of nonsense will enlighten us and enrich our very beings?

Probably not much.

I am currently poured into my office deskchair and looking at the bright sunshine outside. Being chained to a desk has its advantages. At least so I've been led to believe by one or 2 young ladies from my past, but not this way. Even with the neverending source of entertainment that is the interwebs, I'd much rather be at Peddlars enjoying a cold "barley soda".

So I took to the webs for inspiration and found out that one of South Africa's most cherished, revered and decorated bands, the mightily impressive Locnville, are moaning because 5FM won't play them. Oh pooh and woe! If 5FM ever play anything of mine again I'll perform my own version of Face Off with my own arsehole. They should count themselves lucky. Wankers.

It's not so much an indication that standards may have slipped in the last few years, but a damning indictment on the whole ugly mess. Thanks, fucking Locnville, for bringing the harsh truth to the forefront of my conscience again. Go dress each other!

I suppose it could be worse. The could be the Parlotoneless.

And on that magnificently cheerful note, the Used are coming to our shores! Double yippy-yay! With a scoop of fucking ice-cream...

Whatever happened to the real quality we were so proud of in this incredibly talented country of ours? The good old days, when we could hold our heads up and proudly associate ourselves with bands like No Friends Of Harry or E'Void? Well, the good news it's still here, stronger than ever. Still fighting the good fight and getting through to those of passable taste and at the very least in possession of a spine. Go see bands like A Walk With The Wicked, Axxon, KOBUS, Mind Assault, Sleepers (best fuckin' band around), Juggernaught, Sabretooth, Albert Frost, Cannon, Joshua Grierson, Terminatryx, Witness To Wolves, Cold Hand Chemistry, Jan Blohm, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Rudimentals, the phenomenal Shannon Hope and many, many more if you want something real.

SAMAs Schmamas.

Hope you all have thoroughly wonderful weekends. I hope Monday brings with it its own set of woes, in the form of a weekend you haven't recovered from. With any luck we can pick up where we left off and I won't be such a grumpy git.

At least we have this gentleman genius to help us get there. I give you NGDG: "Hoorah for lawyers! That council office smells like a veterinary clinic and every visit is one part reconnaissance, one part humiliation, all disappointment. I now have a rates account. Now I can pay for garbage they never collect and tax on the land my ancestors stole 30 years ago from the natives ."

Spread The Love. Be Safe. You don't want to get Band Aids. From Locnville...

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