Friday, July 22, 2011


Happy IRREVERENT FRIDAY everyone! Hope the weekend ahead is one filled with spectacular and special events and all sorts of wonderful doohdads.

Happy much?

Not really... I have been the unfortunate victim of my own curiosity and much like the dead cat, have now been witness to the ugly underbelly of a humanity that is as sick as it is sickening. Obvious culprits include that doos game warden that was bust for his involvement in poaching and the rhino horn trade. Personally I think we should apply a little "eye for an eye" to the fucker and see how he likes it. Then we go down through the various stages of "what the fuck were you thinking" until we reach the lower echelons of human scum, the ones that discard all vestige of accepted decorum and dignity in order to advance their own selfish agendas. And they're arrogant arseholes about it.

Haven't you heard? The right to act like an arrogant bastard is reserved solely for my Cuz and I. Because we're better than you. Well, he thinks he is...

Besides, in our case arrogance is merely misunderstood self confidence, no matter how ill advised.

And on that note, this is your last chance to play along in the whirlwind of wiry limbs coming barrelling down Marine Drive tomorrow - all for a good cause and, more importantly, for your entertainment. It's going to be a riot of pink tutus, tiaras, torturous motivational music, aching limbs and burning lungs - an extravaganza of pain not to be missed. Check out the full story here.

Let's see if we can accurately collate the 10 things I hate about YOU (MANATEE):

  1. Resolute pursuit of instant gratification.

  2. Astounding greed.

  3. Limitless cruelty.

  4. Shameful lack of remorse.

  5. Obstinate stupidity - you will never see who is checking out your Facebook account - please stop clicking on those fucking links and exposing everyone to viruses.

  6. Innate laziness which has resulted in the degeneration of the way we write and speak.

  7. Insatiable appetite for rubbish entertainment - if we don't alter the demand, we'll never create a more substantial content in the supply.

  8. The parasitic way we ruin our planet.

  9. The way we accept all manner of evil simply because we're exposed to it long enough (government, price collusion, reality tv, 3 Talk with Noeleen, Idols, brussell sprouts, the list is endless)

  10. People who rant from virtual soapboxes on the intrawebs because they're mildly anonymous.

*Disclaimer: I am not a hippy. I wash and pay taxes.

Okay, that was mildly cathartic, if not entirely original. Speaking of wonderful and original, I give you Neal Goldwyer's Daily Gem: "In the 90s, In Grozny, a stadium was built to commemorate the end of hostilities and the regeneration of Chechnya's capital. Years later at a celebrity game, when the smoke cleared, & with it most of the cabinet, including current president Ramzan Kadyrov's father, it was discovered that tons of plastic explosives had been laid in the foundations. Would that some civil engineer at the Malema residence knew history."

Spread The Love. For Fuck's Sake.

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