Wednesday, March 7, 2012


"I'd like to thank..."

Isn't that how all acceptance speeches go when you just WON SOME SHIT!?!?!?

Finally! At sweet fucking last! I don't know whether to laugh or cry or sit here wracked in my agony and relish this hellish hang over.

TEAM BURGER KING. The mighty, awe-inspiring TEAM BURGER KING finally did it. After years of podium finishes we finally cracked that elusive glass ceiling. We won the Pub Quiz! The joy was other worldly! Even the Mad Hatters scampered over with congratulatory hugs. Never has a victory been greeted with such unashamed gusto. And loud, vocal whooping and no small sense of relief. It was exactly how I imagine Jacques Kallis felt when he finally scored his maiden test double ton after a pair in the previous match.

High fives, much hugging, a tear or two and many a shot at the bar. I'm destroyed. I'm even more amazed that we managed to avoid going through with our pledge to drive to Durban.

What a night it was, though. What a glorious, glorious night! Even got limousine service courtesy of Tarty Farty Tequila Party and the ever trusty Basil.

So well done indeed to the greatest pub quiz team ever! Sheik Yerbouti, Lars-But-Not-Least, Tarty, TDB and the Brother-In-Awe. Well done indeed! Thanks to Jon the quiz master and Ray the sound clue guy. Thanks to Kevin. Thanks to Mike "Get get on the mic, get on the mic, Mike" Smith. Thanks to Mercury. And thanks to everyone that has been a part of our magnificent rise to the top - Ysie Meisie, Neek The Greek, TLC and Aunty Nexus, you have all been truly inspirational. [Edit: And of course the better half of the DSW and Me Swifty...]

And now I am left to contemplate what a dick of a bad winner I am being and wallow in my euphoria and the painful realities of the morning after...

NGDG: "My boss seriously just asked me what's 6 times 7. I'd have answered the meaning of life according to Douglas Adams, but I fear book references may be obscure if you never mastered the easiest of the Times Tables."

Spread The Love. Everyone Loves A Winner.


  1. And a big-up for The Monster as well. I'm sure you played a part in aforementioned, sweet, kick-ass victory. We are

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