Thursday, March 29, 2012


So. Last night I ventured out of the relative safety of my lovely little home and, along with hordes and hordes of my mates, stood around in Mercury Live amiably chatting about this and that. We discussed the usual stuff. You know...

How you doing?

How's the band coming along?

The hot piece of ass that just floated by.

The next inopportune opportunity for Flapper to do his "thang".

Why do the local crowds wait until an international band graces our shores before they come out en masse in support.

Now, the answers to and comments about all of the above are quite generic and generally well rehearsed replies designed to create and sustain a warm fuzzy sense of well being among comrades. The latter, not, but we'll get back to that.

Obviously the question of turn out arose because a LOT of people turned out to see Fleshgod Apocalypse, a scary technical death metal band from Italy that uses loads of intricate orchestration and makes a huge, carnivorous, face-melting racket that'll punch holes in your very soul. Personally I was very proud indeed, being a resident old timer, of our Cape Town faithful for pitching up in their deliriously excited droves. I'd heard that some of the concerts so far on the Detonation Tour had been somewhat lacking in attendance and didn't want our little town, one renowned for its rich death metal culture, to embarrass us. This not being the case, the subject of attendance levels at gigs came up. Much was said and lamented about our rather fickle crowds, etc.

I disagree.

Now I may find myself knee deep in the shit before being told that tea time is over and it's time to do my hand stand, but the simple truth is that, much as we love to sing the praises of our local talent, no one from here is at THAT level. Holy mother of Baffy! The sheer ferocity was enough to boil the beer in the bottle you were holding. They MURDERED the crowd with what can only be described as a lesson in the art of performance. From the very first strained chord of the intro they captivated (and nearly decapitated) an audience that was so rapt and swept into fist pumping frenzy that I thought the venue was going to be destroyed beyond repair. For an hour or so we were treated to a spectacle of a stage show the likes of which has rarely been witnessed here, or will be for some time to come.

Now the argument can, and most likely will, be made that they're only that brilliant because they have opportunities that we don't. They tour the world. They play all the time. They have better infrastructure, fan base, and live venues. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Personally I was jizzing along merrily, so I'll take responsibility for that one, but you know what I mean...

Sounds to me like it's a case of a band that work their arses off and are finally reaping the benefits - as are we, the adoring audience.

My congratulations to the sound and lighting guys, absolutely top notch! Mercury, you once again proved what a fantastic venue you continue to be!

Also, thank you to the organisers, the support acts (especially Suiderbees, who reversed my previously held negative opinion) and my good mates who shared this experience with me.

Lastly, to the band. Grazie molte! For your music. For your stage show. For your intimidating presence. For your friendly willingness to spend so much time with the fans. It was truly a wonderful experience having you here.

You're welcome to come back any time. I can always do with another arsehole. And to all my mates in Jo'burg - DO NOT DARE miss this.

And speaking of all things Italian, I purposely left out the best part of my report on the weekend's festivities so I could add it in this post. Purposely as in I was reminded quite sharply that I had failed to mention it yesterday. On Sunday night Rose Thorn and Commander Conker came over for dinner and the Hot Girlfriend made a lasagne fit for the gods themselves! It was especially impressive since it's my favourite dish and my good ol' mama makes a world renowned one. Bravo! Bravo indeed, bell'amica!

NGDG: "Neighbours: Can't live with them. Can't quite chop them up small enough so they go down the drain instead of clogging the holes like those bits of onion after washing the pots from a pasta dinner."

See, everything today is themed!

Spead The Love. Stendere L'Amore.

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