Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Does anyone here know what Doom Metal is? Well allow me to explain...

In the particularly eloquent outburst from my erstwhile stage manager, upon being exposed to some Grämlich (early Doom Metal pioneers in South Africa. Trust me, I should know...) back in the day, he exclaimed "Fucking slow and p**s heavy!"

Now if he'd added "dramatic", "poetic", "depressing" and "hauntingly beautiful" he'd have just about hit the nail on the head. 'Grämlich', after all, means 'morbid, sullen and ill-tempered'.

But don't let this rather moribund definition fool you. Oh no! What lurks beneath all the gloomy veneer is some of the most exquisite music ever composed. Bands like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Anathema and Theatre of Tragedy have been blazing a trail of bereft beauty since the early 90s and have inspired many, many bands to follow suit.

Which brings us to SYMPHONAIRE INFERNUS. An event showcasing the talents of a variety of local musicians who will be playing a set of classic Doom Metal songs from the most notable bands in the genre. Musicians on display on the evening are from A Walk With The Wicked, Ashes At My Grave, Axxon, Crow Black Sky, Sex Cauldron, the yet-to-be-formally-introduced SubVerS and even some old farts from the one and only Grämlich. And no one song has the same line up of musos either - it promises to be a monumental evening!

14th April (the anniversary of Pete Steele's unfortunate death)

ROAR - Free Entry

We don't want to give away the setlist quite yet, so keep your eyes on the FaeceBoobs event, we'll be posting cryptic clues as to the songs we'll be playing... one by one...

Oh and did I mention the artwork? The beautiful, amazing artwork! Well done again Stephen Green. Yoh!

NGDG: "Brown paper, white paper. Stick it together with the tape, the tape of looo-ove. The sticky stuff!"

Spread The Love. The Sexuality Of Bereavement.

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