Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I found a nice movie with Jenna Jameson in it. It's called Samhain. Coincedence?

Happy Halloween, all you children of the night! And everyone else. Aaaah! Halloween... some people certainly do take it a little more seriously than others. Whilst some of my friends are going all out with Trick or Treat goodies, costumes, gigs, movies and even a street braai, some aren't. I am one of those. I will be happily tucked away in my studio making the soundtrack to tonight's Danse Macabre. No Tim Burton thank you very much...

It's kind of deflated this year anyway, since most people celebrated over the weekend. I saw the pictures from the zombie walk. If that's the sedate pace at which we are to be chased, I'd say we have fuck all to worry about.  I didn't see a single maypole, though. Seems it has gone all mainstream. Hall(mark)oween. Almost as trite as Valentines Day. And nowhere near as rad as Steak-n-Blowjob Day, although I have an issue with the merely annual nature of that particular celebration. Officially. Of course.

I read "Boo!" today and thought someone was addressing their girlfriend using a term of endearment...

I wonder how many of the ghosts, ghouls, fiends, vampires, mummies, gargoyles and the rest would cope in a real "encounters with the undead" situation. With the possible exception of The Dean, who seems to have his zombie apocalypse survival strategy in place, I think most people would shit themselves. I know if I ever heard the words "I vont to suck yorr blutt" softly and suddenly spoken to me, my trousers would have their own Hurricane Sandy.

Speaking of which, please take a moment to think of all the people, and I do mean ALL the people, that are affected by it. And the animals. Picture for one second having to rebuild your life after something like that.

For once I have absolutely nothing to complain about. (That's just a very clever ruse to hide the fact that I can complain a lot about a lot of stuff, but don't feel like typing it all out.) And to the 2 friends who genuinely have a complaint today - you 2 know who you are - chin up. People will disappoint you. It's a rule. The trick is to get through the rough so you can enjoy the smooth. Mmm, perhaps I should pitch that to Veet...
Anyway, you can always let me know when you need a drink and a chat. How does one check on the capacity of ones inbox now again?

Anyway, enjoy the festivities folks. Do not scare the children. They will get enough of that when they leave an outcome based education and find employment which requires the ability to read and write.

NGDG: If we have to have this Capetonian weather, can I at least get an iPhone and knock off at 3pm?

Spread The Love. Boo!

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