Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Here is a very important piece of musical trivia. You could call it vital knowledge as well...

Joy Division was not a punk band. They never were, not even when they were known as Warsaw. The fact that they owe their existence largely due to the punk explosion that occurred in Manchester following the Sex Pistols show in the Lesser Free Trade Hall has nothing to do with it. They did not sound like the Buzzcocks. That would be like calling The Smiths punk. Or Simply Red punk. Both Morrissey and Mick Hucknell were also in attendance. 'Post punk' is a recognised genre and Joy Division, along with Siouxsie and the Banshees and similar acts, eventually spawned a little thing known as goth. A much maligned and marginalised genre of music that is heavily reliant on culture and clothing. And has unfortunately done nothing but shoot itself in the foot since roughly Dreadful Shadows' Buried Again album, which is possibly the last decent goth music made. And only because the focus has swerved dramatically towards unnecessary histrionics and what was once a rich vein of talent has been diluted by home recording software and the unfortunate truth that such a dark subculture inevitably attracts the reprobates and the socially awkward.

But let's not get into all that. Lest I fuck up my incredibly wonderful mood. For some reason I am in an even better mood than usual. I'm almost drunk on life, as it were. I have been in a chirpy mood all day and I don't intend on anyone ruining that for me. Might have something to do with the fact that I will probably be collecting my new Swans later today. Music to uplift even the most deflated of us.

And now my train of thought's been completely derailed...

Ok, we might as well go back to my original point. I am merely pointing out one tiny little error and am being entirely too pedantic. Most people probably don't even care for the distinction. The fact is, I do. And since this is my little soap box and I have fuck all else to write about, I happen to have made my own personal mountain out of a molehill. There. Also, I am currently waiting for the new My Dying Bride, which is "in the mail". More incredibly happy news! Do you think it's possible to be so "shiny happy people" because of all that?

Perhaps it's because I am going to my high school reunion on Saturday evening. I posted recently that I was unsure if I should go as Romy or Michele. The conundrum continues...
It's going to be funny (peculiar, not haha) seeing all the old faces. and I do mean old. I have read the RSVP list. It includes some girls I wasted too much time pining over. It includes some of the biggest dickheads ever to stalk the planet. It includes, luckily, by and large a great group of people that collectively ensured a particularly happy school experience and I am very excited to be seeing a lot of them again. I'm sure there'll be some very interesting stories. I'm telling everyone I'm unemployed/a lingerie model/supplier to Adult World.
Or that I live with my entire extended family in a hippie commune made of pooh huts.
Or that I'm training to be a cosmonaut, but I fear I may be flunking the course because I have an irrational fear of baked beans.

I'm even looking forward to today's run. Fun in the sun. I hope I don't collapse in a gasping, retching heap.

My, my! It IS a good news day! Responding to a plea sent out yesterday regarding a guitar that had been stolen from Ashtray Electric's crazy axeman, Rudi Cronje. Apparently Cash Crusaders in Wynberg had the presence of mind to grab the guitar off of the c**t who tried to sell it. And they say social networking does nothing but keep people out of work! Rudi, mate - use this happy reunion to everyone's advantage and continue writing and rocking - for all to enjoy. And bravo Cash Crusaders!

NGDG: By December, the annoying child with the visitation rights to the flat upstairs will be gone. Jerryldene Springer from 27 will be gone. This festive season may very well be one of peace and goodwill.

Spread The Love. Champagne And Caviar In Baggies.

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