Friday, October 19, 2012


Seeing as it's currently such a hot topic right now on the intrawebnets, and as my final act of poking the coals, I would like to address the issue of tolerance.
Tolerance for other races.
Tolerance for other sexes or gender orientation.
Tolerance for other colours.
Tolerance for other creeds.
Tolerance for other peoples' music taste.
Tolerance for other religions.
Tolerance for other peoples' sense of style.

[I really do sound like a hippy, don't I?]

I defy each and every reader of this here virtual soap box to honestly go and tick off as many boxes as you can. All of them? Can you? Really? I can't, no matter how hard I try. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that I only know one person who can truly do so. I'd love to know if any more of my friends can...

We live in a society that encourages free speech AND condemns any form of intolerance. This is - quite obviously - an open invitation to all the mouth breathers out there to have their say. And will more often than not result in conflict. However, given the challenge above, we are all to blame for making this world an ugly place to live.

And then my mother asks me why I drink so much...

Wars are fought over this shit. Bar brawls are started over this shit. Take a stand against it. I know my friends and I are. And I'll try to be more tolerant of things like dress sense and music taste. Actually, who am I kidding? The best I can do is try and ignore bright jeans, leather moccasins, Jihad scarves, silly hats, caps worn at a jaunty angle OVER the ears, prison bitch hang-jean-pants, cheese cloth button shirts, stone washed jeans, anything tie-dyed, velour tracksuits, Chav argyle print, anything with a sailor motif, Joe Jackson virgin-taker shoes, have I mentioned Jihad scarves and silly hats?

As for the music some people listen to or inflict upon others, there I draw the line. As we have previously established, my music taste is beyond reproach. Mainly because it is so subjective and I like everything in my own collection. I just played Septic Flesh's happy little Friday ditty, 'The Vampire From Nazareth' to my colleague. Again. For shits and giggles. I giggled. She did the other one.

And on that note, Happy Fucking Irreverent Friday! And happy birthday to the ladies of the day: Chocolaty and The TV Presenter! I hope both of you are being spoiled and go out and get hammered tonight!
Like my fellow axe-murderer, Bacon Balaclava, is going to do tomorrow. Like last year, when he accosted the people at the table next door with a large foam sword and I was referred to as a douche-canoe.

Dear Cape Town. I have paid for today's football. Please stop fucking around and become sunny and mild. Thanks.

NGDG: I think the only reason I roll from couch to bed is that the phone charger is next to the latter.

Spread The Love. And Will Someone Buy Me Fucking Drink. Please!

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