Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Yes folks! It is here! Sounds almost like the punchline from another recent joke, although for the life of me I can't remember it...

Last night it came.

Sis! Get your mind out of the gutter.

Or not...

Yes, equal parts dirt and sex, as you so sordidly made the connection without any prompting from me, I would like to announce the arrival of my Swans goodies! I am now the proud owner of THE SEER and the live DVD package WE ROSE FROM YOUR BED WITH THE SUN IN OUR HEAD. Glory, glory hallelujah! I think I'll treat myself to some quality alone time very soon. Just me, a good glass of wine or several (some occasions warrant opening that special bottle you've been keeping) and the studio monitors... After which it's DVD time with the big screen. Actually I have no idea which order. Perhaps as they were released. As Michael intended.

Thank you to the one and only Grämlich Growler!

And speaking of all things wonderfully musical, here is a reminder to go and check out Lucy Kruger. If for no other reason than I said so and if you don't know yet, you owe it to yourself to be rendered overwhelmed by a truly wonderful artist.

And since today is proving to be quite summery (read: hotter than a whore in church, in Texas) and yesterday's run - despite the very promising start - ended in near heat stroke and lung failure, I think I'll give today's strenuous exercise a skip. Maybe tomorrow. At the moment, all I could possibly face is a nice cold beer somewhere. In the shade for preference.

And as with most of my other posts, I have nothing of any substance with which to enrich your lives. Just the usual worthless wankery. It's been a slow day. Actually, I'm totally lying through my teeth, but I am not at liberty to tell you about the exciting developments! If I were female, on the wrong side of 45 or 13, and half retarded, I may even be prone to make silly noises as characterised by typing them out for you (and for the interwebnets) to see. However, I am just a boring old git who frowns on these things and although I have heard of 50 Shades Of Grey, have never even read "erotica". Never mind watched it, unless you count that one very uncomfortable time with JDP when he made me watch 'The Invisible Man'. Man, it's crazy how the mind makes associations. Soft porn is like soft serve. Someone gives something white a dramatic lick and then something falls onto the pavement - leaving everyone involved feeling cheated and unsatisfied. And sometimes, like when I sat through that movie with JDP, crying like a child...

We're fast approaching the night all the ghastlies and the ghostlies come out to play. Yes, Halloween is upon us and there are a million cool parties to go to. Seems pretty much every metal or alternative band has jumped on the same idea - and although I hope that this means a variety of wonderful shows to choose from - I fear it really means that is thins the crowds out. Sad but true. So choose wisely. And then come to the Halloween Party at Mercury. Mainly because I will be DJing a set of devilish aural delights for you. To get your ghoulish groove on...

And on that grim note, and because Aunty Nexus has just started a thread on Vajazzling, laters!

NGDG: Oooh ooh ooh! Married With Children in-joke in Sons Of Anarchy. To Gemma: You can dye your hair red. Gemma: I'd rather shave it bald.

Spread The Love. It's A Song.

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  1. Haha, you and Dr-Benway should trade notes. He bought the Swans album a while ago and the CD was stuck in the car's player for a month and a half.