Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Little bow peep...

As it has always been, if you're after a good hard pomp, make sure that unruly hedge is at least trimmed. Or like Mr Miyagi and I both agree, "Wax on, wax off"...

Unfortunately Luiz, Dante and Marcello didn't read the memo as the Selecao got the full "back, crack 'n' sack" last night. Or did they purposely glue the sweepings of every beauty parlour in Sao Paulo to their heads? Either way, it cost them dearly, as the well organised machine of the Mannschaft marched on, leaving the host nation in a humiliated heap of sack cloth and ashes. It doesn't bode well for the Dutch, should they advance at the expense of Argentina tonight.

I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I don't think there has been such a hammering in a semi-final of a World Cup ever. Let's hope that tonight's game sees the Netherlands - with their graceful, balletic brand of football - prevail. I don't need a a w√ľnder-drubbing; a nail biting win by one goal will do thank you very much. I'm even wearing my bright orange Holland football shirt, my bright orange Holland armband, and my bright orange Holland underpants! If that's not enough, then I don't know!

 Hup Holland Hup!

Anyway, it could have been way worse. Imagine the outcry had the host nation crumbled like the current champions, Spain. Or if they'd made such ignominiously early exits as England or Italy. Making the semis is an incredible feat, especially since they were carrying the weight of expectation of an entire nation. And even more so considering they have been sub-par, and that FIFA is having a fat lag as they do worse to the country's people than Germany did to the team. I hope this result doesn't precipitate more riots. At least when South Africa hosted the tournament, we knew we weren't good enough - only qualifying to play because it was at our house. When we went out, everyone shrugged a shoulder and adopted another African country. Remember BaGhana BaGhana? Somehow I don't see the devastated hordes of bawling Brasilians looking to their neighbours for a Messi(ah).

Anyway, favourable outcome or not tonight, I have enjoyed this World Cup tremendously. Once again, it has dished up its fair share of drama and delight.

NGDG: "What did you do that for?" asked Paulo Coelho, after being punched in the face for no reason. Because sometimes things happen for no reason and you end up asking the wrong questions of life.

Spread The Love. Fun And Sunshine, There's Enough For Everyone.

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