Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Peek... and tweak.

So lets' start at the very beginning. I believe it's a very good place to start. Them hills and all...
They're ALIVE!

You may have missed my misanthropic musings for the last week or so. It really isn't that I don't want to speak to you, it's just that I'm lazy. Like a Vaseline covered sloth. No, actually it could be you. It's not me, it's definitely you.

Let's go back to last Friday, a night of nights! Mercury hosted the curious combination of SUBVERS, THE SLEEPERS and OHGOD! All in all, I'd have to declare the evening's entertainment a wholesale success. Not only were the punters purring with delight, but I'm pretty damn sure the bands were having a whale of a time as well. Speaking for myself, I had a wonderful time! Starting off proceedings, OHGOD! were a revelation! Their enthusiastic, eclectic, energetic performance was something to behold! They rocked out, delivering their scruffy elegance with the exuberance of recently freed circus animals! The shit-eating grins washed over the gaping, wide-eyed faces of everyone in the club served as an accurate enough barometer. I'm pretty sure a few pants in the audience tightened.
Next up SUBVERS had a great time playing their pseudo-spooky stomp metal to a very receptive crowd, who seemed to really get into our goth laced grandeur. Well, as far as I could see, from behind my curtain of flailing hair and sweaty enjoyment. Once again, an extra special thanks to our dear friend McSkootnik, who ably stepped into some pretty large shoes to help us out on drums. You are a demon and a darling.
Then it was the turn of THE SLEEPERS to mesmerise all and sundry. As usual, I was enraptured by their slick, scintillating, sublime set. You daren't move from your spot when they weave their sonic magic, lest you miss even one perfectly poised note, phrase or moment. That good? Even better. They continue to defy belief.
Once again, the terrific folks at Mercury are to be commended for running such an awesome venue. Lisel and Kevin and Lux - we love you guys! And the sound and lighting crew are out of this world! Sydney - you too, mate!

Staying with the theme of live music, we move swiftly on to Witchdoctor Productions, who brought KATAKLYSM to SA from Canada, and SACRAPHYX out of retirement. I didn't really get to see much of the opening band, BLEEDING SPAWN, but I can tell you they are very into what they do. Very intense, these lads.
SUIDERBEES was the first of the Cape Town contingent and apparently took great pleasure in gleefully slaughtering the awe-struck acolytes mushed together in front of them. Their brand of symphonic death metal is a juggernaut of infernal intensity that doesn't for one second ease off. Just what the (witch)doctor ordered!

Then it was time for me to get really excited!

SACRAPHYX, along with one or two other luminaries, have long been considered, by this not-so-humble scribe and everyone else who matters, to be one of South African metal's greatest success stories. Perhaps not in terms of financial gain or worldwide acclaim, but certainly the level of reverence they attained. Their legacy lives on and they command respect across the board - a fact amply backed up by their no nonsense, thunderous return to stage after a decade's absence. And pulling off their particular flavour of technical death metal after only 2 rehearsals is no mean feat either! The crowd went fucking ballistic! I had the foresight to get in early so I had a front barricade on which to anchor myself and enjoy the show up close. It was a source of immense personal pleasure and pride to watch old friends once again tearing up a stage (and a crowd) together. New arseholes for the whole of Cape Town!
Then came KATAKLYSM. I don't know where the masses got another surge of energy, but the explosion of entangled bodies that greeted the sheer brutal shockwave as they hit the stage was nothing short of staggering. And it simply didn't let up. The ultimate professionals, these guys were engaging and unstoppable. What a wonderful event and what an incredible time was had by all! Bravo to all involved, especially the guys at Witchdoctor - SP and UpsideDownDonKing - can't wait for SEPULTURA, BEHEMOTH & KONKHRA!

NGDG: We need a word for that feeling you get in a queue at a bar when you really want to dance but there are too many men's crotches in close proximity to want to anymore.

Spread The Love. Because Boobies! Fuck Yeah!

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