Friday, July 4, 2014


Yes, you CAN!

'Murica. Where would we be without you?

Oh yes that's right. We wouldn't have drone bombing of innocent civilians. We wouldn't have farcical invasions of foreign countries under the guise of peace keeping. We wouldn't have the Kardashians. At least Colorado is cool...

But enough of my star-spangled vitriol. Every country - and especially mine - has a past littered with atrocities. It's just human nature to gloat at the fall of an empire, even if it's not happening fast enough.

On to more relevant news... Last night The Hot Girlfriend and I were treated to a truly wonderful evening of dinner and catching up with Large Ulrich and his better half, Double Hockey Sticks. Not only that, but the grand handing over ceremony was also acted out and I have a laundry list of some of my closest friends to thanks for a magnificent gift. I will do so in person. The rest of you need just realise that I have the best fucking friends in the world and I am truly blessed.

Like I said, every country has its history of doing kak stuff. And tonight, Germany take on France. Thank Heaven, Hell & Hallmark it's on a football pitch. I will be rooting for the Mannschaft because I am hoping for a Germany vs Netherlands final.

And then after that it's time to celebrate the birthdays (and return of) one Biggie and one Higgo. Thus the birth of Biggo Fest! I'm looking forward to it! It's at an archery club. We're not allowed to bring our own bow'n'arrows, but I think I'd be missing a trick if I didn't at least bring some Crossbow Ciders, drink them, get drunk, and make an attempt at throwing the broken bottles at the targets. I am, after all about to play another gig and hand injuries are par for the course.

More than that, I cannot tell you.

Enjoy Irreverent Friday...
Imagine Tom Cruising around in his wheelchair. Happy 4th of July.

NGDG: I've been looking forward all day to tonight's body corporate trustee meeting. Sitting in a cold outhouse to discuss a wall trumps anything I could've planned on my own.

Don't hate 'Murica. Hate everybody. But...
Spread The Love. Punch An Alien.

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