Wednesday, July 9, 2014


As if you didn't already know...SUBVERS IS PLAYING AGAIN! As if that wasn't enough to send you whooping down the street, they will be joined by the awe-inspiring aural architects THE SLEEPERS and new darlings, the devilishly delightful OHGOD!

It is no secret I am an avid admirer of The Sleepers. In fact I have taken just about every opportunity to scream it from the rooftops. Their mastery of their craft is nothing short of breath-taking. I have spent many, many gigs happily transfixed by their mesmerising musical majesty. I can honestly count them as one of my all time favourite bands, local or otherwise. And I consider it a personal milestone to be sharing a stage with these incredible innovators - a dream come true.

Which brings me to Ohgod! New to my radar, but having been around in different incarnations over the years, they are quickly forging a path to greatness, with their intelligent, eclectic brand of pseudo-instrumental progressive rock. It's hard to pigeon-hole, so I'll let you decide.

The indefatigably enthusiastic Bryan O'Pines is quoted, upon experiencing SUBVERS for the first time - earlier this year at Metal4Africa's Summerfest, as follows:
"SUBVERS followed Rukuz on stage and, as the afternoon disappeared into the night, this quartet from the dark side ushered away the light. With a sound somewhat reminiscent of Type O Negative or Rammstein on 'roids, they immediately hit the spot for me."
"Their atmospheric, gothic darkness was wonderful; this is a band that will hopefully be involved in The Awakening tour somehow, and will be making far more regular appearances on the local scene. I have not heard anywhere near enough of them!"

'Nuff said, I reckon. Kind words indeed. Thank you. If that sounds like your particular brand of poison, please join us at Mercury on Friday for a night jam packed with wild eyed wonder.
Also, as it happens, we've planned it so that it very neatly doesn't interfere with the climax of the Football World Cup. Yes! You'll be climaxing enough on the night!

Hope to see all your black little souls there! Especially all the online scene warriors who have recently made such a public fuss over supporting local music, etc.

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And an extra special happy happy birthday to the one and only Cheese today! Have a wonderful day!
But wait! There's more. Valkyrie - hope you're having a fantastic day! Miss you and love you! Happy birthday!

NGDG: There's a moral dilemma when you see two salivating singles in the corner of the bar looking at the bachelors party and you should tell them that the only still-single member is the very drunk groom.

Spread The Love. We're All Martyrs To Her Will.

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