Wednesday, June 29, 2011


[Please note, dear, gentle reader, that this was meant to be posted yesterday, but fucking blogsport was up to its eyes in shit...]

Well. I don't know what feels worse. The lactic acid literally EATING everything from my eyelids to my toes or the hellish hangover...

Once again last night I indulged in some masochistic mountaineering with the aid of the far too chirpy sadistic bastard otherwise known as Commander Crapstick and the wonderful canine companions Yoda and Phoebe, who don't seem affected at all by physical strain. No fair. At least this time I managed to avoid the dry-heave-air-vomit-blackout and am glad to announce that I am still alive. Unfortunately death would be an infinitely more attractive option right now.

Especially combining my aches and pains with the monumenstrual hangover threatening to crush my very soul. It all started with a very successful jam session last night, where a select few members of the most exclusive music appreciation society in the Universe played a couple of very cool covers for an as yet unnamed upcoming show. Shhhh! It's a secret. Secrets are cool.

Then Tarty Farty Tequila Party and I zooted off to join our dear Trilby-sporting, Jihad-artiste-scarf-wearing friend JDP. It was his birthday and we convened at the Vesperado's clubhouse for a night of fun, friends and and something called picklebacks...

Yoh! Talk about popular, our boy JDP!

Celebrities ran amok, new friends were made, old friends were toasted and everyone had a grand old time! Being the sweet and considerate friend I am, I decided to adhere to the old Marine mantra of never leaving a friend behind, which basically meant I took it upon myself to catch up with the carnivordigoggled obliterated drunken state that JDP was in. Mission accomplished. Unfortunately for me and Tarty, that also meant that I then had to leave some friends behind, as I too was then carnivordigoggled obliterated drunk and started nagging like a child to please be taken home - it being a school night after all...

All in all a spectacular success - met with mildly deranged panic this morning about 30 seconds after my eyes were opened to the horror of the day that lies ahead.

At least we have some positive things to celebrate. Today is Sheik Yerbouti's birthday. Happy birthday! And hope the schmodelling goes well and everyone treats you like a princess.

Yes, yes I know. No post yesterday, you have my humblest apologies. My hands were sore from the 2 circuits I did around our football fields on Tuesday. I'll make it up I swear. (Hey, I make all this shit up anyway, not really a stretch for me...)

And on that alarmingly charming note, I bid you all adieu for nieu. But not before...

... NGDG: "You have cool people on your profile you've never met in real life? Of course. It's not like I'm going to meet cool people in the CBD or at the Spar."

[The first time I read that, I read the Spur]

Spread The Love. Spread It? Spread 'Em! Like You're About To Get A Full Cavity Search...

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