Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Threesomes - all the rage these days.

I don't get how everyone looks down on people with a healthy sexual appetite. I really don't. Most of the 23 people who read this blog have parents. And these parents made it through the sexually free Sixties and Seventies, where STDs were as commonplace as LSD or pubic forests. Or maybe even the Eighties, when everyone tried their best to look as unfuckable as possible, but still got laid.

My point is this: Every generation (after the Victorian Age) was pretty much into rampant no-holds-barred sexual activity. Then why the faux-disgust with which society not only comments, but condemns those that are open about it?

I remember the so called 'sluts' in high school. I found them to be quite socially well-adjusted, nice people. But they were shunned by many who felt that they needed to show some sort of moral superiority. And trust me, those poor girls have NOTHING on the depravity that's rife these days. Almost makes me jealous of today's youth. Although I'd rather have the education over the adolescent experience any day.

Today we're practically force fed porn. Not complaining. The (m)oral compass guiding the content of our entertainment is even wonkier than Jack Sparrow's. Not complaining. Moms are buying books like 'How To Give A Blowjob He'll Never Forget'. Once again. Not complaining. Although the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' phenomenon is clearly more an indictment on our tastes and not necessarily a barometer for sexual deviance. Whatever. The point I'm so laboriously trying to make is the following:

Given our basic acceptance of all things sexual, and even our desire to partake in as much of it as we can, and very often to indulge in the more sinister or sub/dom side of it all, why do we as a society still frown upon it all as some sort of sinful act? Or feel the need to publicly denounce it. Is it because we like the idea of it being "naughty" or "behind closed doors"? Is that how we get our kicks? Does some level of Puritan mystery carry with it added appeal? All of these are valid, I suppose. I just find it ultimately hypocritical to coo over pictures of cute babies right after kakking someone out for saying how much they enjoy getting the living shit fucked out of them. Newsflash, it isn't the stork delivery system.

Also, when you're in that one excruciatingly divine moment of ecstasy and you're trying your befuddled best to remember not to scream out your ex's name, do you give a crap about anything over than the exquisite rapture searing through your every nerve? Where's your morality then? Or is it reserved for PTA meetings only? I think it's only an issue when we think others in society can judge us that we go along with the rather archaic notion of promiscuity being an entirely bad social thing.

Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating it. Especially considering the severe nature of today's super viruses and the dire consequences of unprotected sex. Far from it. I am merely pointing out that there are more people around that enjoy it, and that actively seek it out, than most people are prepared to admit. And those who are honest enough not to try and hide their raging libidos under some faux-frumpy façade should be lauded and not ostracised. Good for you if you have the appetite of a rabid rabbit. And don't look down on, or question the virtue of, those who break the boundaries. How do you think those 3 different positions you so enjoy came about in the first place? Huh? Not from the missionaries, I can tell you that.

So go on! Go and do some exploring. Try something different. Be daring. Try publicly "declaring your love for one another". Or at least own up to being a disgusting little maggot who will try anything. It's liberating. Society sochmiety.

NGDG: Evidently I'm easy to forget. Seems Merc has a harder time forgetting to send their shuttle service for the bimbo they dropped off en route with me this morning however. Next time I'll remember sprinkle my decolletage with rose water and ag dankie meneer.

Spread The Love. Try Something New And Disgusting. You Know You'll Enjoy It.

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