Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Some days I wish I lived in The Matrix. I'd take the appropriate pill and erase Keanu Reeves from my conscience for starters...
Also, and I cannot make this clear enough, THIS DOOS. I even had to make up a whole new category for him to win. Anything more conventional would have a certain yellow-clad cyclist competing for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, FUCK BREATH OF THE YEAR...

And this against the stiff competition of every single living porn star, every single sexually active human being and every member of the South African Parliament. I give you the provocative thoughts of one Femi Fani. He's a Nigerian of some description. No, not the authentic type, from the homelands of Sea Point or Parklands. He's some or other big wig in this magical kingdom - far, far away - known as 'Nigeria'. Personally I think someone is trying to pull the Chewbacca hat over our eyes. I for one, don't believe in these far off mystery lands for a second. (Perhaps I should apply for American citizenship...)

Anyway, it was inevitable that someone, somewhere would rise above the mindless dross and the sensationalist shit that has befouled the internet since Valentines Day. Mr Perky Pants over here (my friend TSAR called him something far too rude to repeat) went and gone and done it. Please read what this misogynistic motherfucker had to say regarding the whole Oscar thing. And it is a thing. I have been trying my damnedest to avoid the subject. Mainly because the entire world is so enthralled by it. I really couldn't care less. It's clogging up the internet and that's not what the internet is for. I mean really now! Does anyone remember how frustrating it was having to fast forward VHS porn to the exciting bits?

Now that I think about it though, it may very well be a spoof. The name alone is too much. Femi Fani... Is that the whole lot or do we have to infer a surname like "Padd"?

Clean up on isle 3!

On to less disgusting topics, then?

Don't mind if I do. Last night I finally managed to move all the junk from my passage to other parts of the house. Until, of course, I get fed up with the junk in the kitchen and the dining room, then it all gets stashed in the passage again. It doesn't do to clutter the bathroom, see...
When I'd done all that back breaking labour, I was joined by The Dean and we started planning out next Tutus 'n' Tiaras charity walk/run for animal welfare. Slight tweaks to the format, but basically it's still a fun day out dressed to attract attention and an awesome way to raise finds for our beneficiary of choice, as always, The Emma Animal Rescue Society. So keep late April open and keep your peepers peeled for more info. There will be regular updates and information here.

Anyway, more recording tonight. That is after the Brother-In-Awe and I go and help view a property for purchase. Not for us, for friends that need to have their identities kept secret, lest people figure out they're about to become destitute.

NGDG: Today doesn't have a To-do list.

Spread The Love. Just Not If It's One Of Jezebels' Daughters.

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