Monday, February 18, 2013


And as for the rest of the weekend...

I've already reported on my magical night in the company of Fetish at Mercury. Bless their 'Little Heart'.

Which - if any of my past public appearances are any sort of barometer - inevitably meant the hangover from hell on Saturday morning. Everything turned to treacle from that moment forward. Especially considering the fact that I had to go and mow the lawns at my parents' place. In the kind of heat reserved for "mad dogs and Englishmen"...
At least I got to watch a bit of the cricket.
Then it was off to dismantle my entire home and transport the set of cupboards to TDB's house so he has something to use as storage in his hangar sized garage. Then he misplaced his keys, bringing about much optimistic-but-pointless patting of pockets and another tour of the peninsula, before we got back to his place for the intended braai and jacuzzi vibe. Well, I got into the jacuzzi and, for the most part, was fed beer after beer by the production line otherwise known as The Hot Girlfriend, Tarty Farty Tequila Party, and Me-Swifty. While TDB was doing all the braaing. Heaven DOES exist!

For some reason or other (I think TDB was attempting to convince me of the tactical merits of the Magic fantasy card game) we found ourselves locking horns in a protracted battle of wits over a chess board and many a beer. The game ended at 4:30 in the morning, with victory only going to me by the narrowest of margins. I was kakking myself for most of the game, given my proclivity for boasting about my abilities instead of shutting the fuck up.

Which in turn heralded another day of dehydrated headaches and general pain. But The Hot Girlfriend and I decide sod that and went for ice-cream. We also managed to stick in an impromptu portrait shot and an awesome game of putt-putt before we spent the night chilling in with spectacular home made pizzas and Wayne's World, wrapping up just about the most perfect weekend ever.

And now you know. You're all caught up. My life, the open book, is once again updated. Tonight the mighty Red Devils beat the crap out of a hapless Reading in the FA Cup. Pity I have to wade through a house full of  what USED to be in my cupboards and sort it all out before band practice. Fun. Perhaps I should stop and pick up some beer...

NGDG: I prefer Doomsday to Monday.


Spread The Love. Schwing! Schwing!

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