Thursday, February 14, 2013


In the same spirit that declares that ALL days should be treated as an opportunity to lavish affection on your partner instead of waiting for one designated occasion, I hereby urge you, my erudite and kind readership, to  wear black ALL the time. Today I am wearing all black. Barring the odd humorous slogan or band design  printed on a shirt, this is usually the case. I am of course being obliquely metaphorical, but let's take an active stand against the violent sex crimes that threaten to turn our "society" into a savage mockery. Do not stand for any of it - at any level. It is my opinion (and boy, do I never seem to run out of those) that there are circumstances when taking the law into your own hands is justified. Violent (sexual or not) action against anyone is grounds for a good p**sklap, even if only to stop the crime as it's being perpetrated. I know that old adage of "An eye for en eye leaves the whole world blind", but I think that speaks more of after the fact retribution than moering some oke that's hitting his chick. Take my word for it, if I find someone fucking with my nearest and dearest, I will step in.

Ja, how did I suddenly get there?

Probably a pent up anger with all this fucking political posturing that's currently soiling our lives and blocking up our traffic in the Mother City. State Of The Nation Address, pah! Has there been one honest appraisal since the damned invention of such a thing? More like just another opportunity to placate the voting fodder with a carefully worded list of great big fibs. The opposition sees right through it. So do those of us with more than a kindergarten reading level. He may as well save himself the pain of having to read the Teleprompter (and the nausea among the rest of us watching someone so ineptly massacre a beautiful language) and just come straight out with "Free tshirt and keyring - you know where to make your cross. And, those fucking white devils! Let's all bask in the golden shower of me pissing on Madiba's sacrifice! Amandla!"

Raping the country is not a good example to your people, Prez 4 Lifebouy.

On a completely unrelated note - other than it being about how not to heal the world - please read here about a Zimbabwean kid who allegedly told Madonna to "fuck herself". It's an extremely well worded and emphatically insightful piece, and not to put too fine a point on it, since it is all direct quotes, doesn't seem too plausible coming from a 15 year old village dweller. Fucking brilliant though. Thanks Mike G.

More later when I've simmered down. In the meantime, be sure to catch L.I.Am being his snarky self and tune into Assembly Radio for Shake Sum Action at noon. Gritty grooves and tarnished tunes to get you in the weekend mood.

I'll be back...

With a happy blog post. About the important things. Like last night's amazing love fest. Like Fetish. Like TIETE! All will be revealed...

NGDG: Cash bar and it's still working hours. I call bullshit.

Spread The Love. It's Our Only Hope.

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